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Console Overlays/Bezels

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Be sure to subscribe to my channel please! Here is a demo video showcasing some themes i'm working on currently as well as all the above shown bezels as well as some brand new ones! I'm on Version 2 of the Bezels and i've definitely touched up on some things!  Also, you can grab all of my bezels shown in the video here  https://mega.nz/#!8IEW0Q7Q!rsdz4C3Tm-ObAwlmAmHxSUsZZU793xVM7c_3Z_JZwoM   All bezels are meant for 16-9 aspect ratio. Please do not share or distribute anywhere else without my consent. I've been very busy as of late. Thanks everyone and again, please subscribe!


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20 minutes ago, vermin said:

If you know how to APPLY this Bezel to RetroArch. 

Hey vermin!

Dont have Retroarch here to tell you exactly, but from what I remember by heart, you need to place the png and cfg files inside the "overlay" folder in the main Retroarch directory.

Then you can launch the game you want the overlay into (or if you have a global settings configured, no need to launch it as it will be applied to everything), then go to Settings > Onscreen Overlays, and select the path you placed both file previously until you reach your cfg file to select it.

You will most likely need to set Integer Scale to ON in Settings>Video, and maybe play a little bit with the aspect ratio in there as well. It is all about trial and error.


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Here is an update to my NES overlay showing Contra some love!


I've also updated my famicom overlay in the post above. I'm going to upload my updated pack within the hour with a total of 16 overlays. I started this project with only 1080p in mind but, I've now added 720p support! There will also be all the config files packed as well if you need them for use with RetroArch. Make sure to read the read me first, this way I don't have to explain everything here. I've uploaded them to the Themes 16-9 Section. That's the only suitable place I could think of upping them. Admins, if you need to move them, feel free to do so. Thanks for your time.

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Hey Guys it's been a while. I've been working on alot of other projects but, I'm back to this one. I will be releasing version 2 of my console bezel project once I've finalized all the new changes after testing. Here is what's new as of right now! Thanks for your time.






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