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TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

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We already have a very nice pack very similar to yours. If not in the downloads section, then I can upload it tonight.

i saw 1 3d pack in the downloads section. is that the pack that you are referring to? If not, i would love to see it.

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Wow, wow, wow and wow, I love these boxes! Thank you very much :)


/me rushes off to set up TurboGrafx16 for when this is finished...

thanks they will be done soon enough. Does anyone know where i can get the font used for the turbografx 16 splatterhouse logo? i'm trying to make a custom box for the epic hack, Splatterhouse Chrome .

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Thanks guys. Here's one last box before I go to bed. I worked hours on this when i know i didn't need to. It's just something about going the extra mile for games that you feel stand out. I've always been a big adventure island fan.

did ALOT of painting because I only had a 2D front to start with as usual but, i think it turned out ok.




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Thanks all. Was working on this set a little bit yesterday and today and spent time going back working on boxes I had already "finished". When I first started the other day, some boxes I just used a plain black spine when I couldn't think of creating something. I won't be painting on the side for every box, but I will do my best to make them look decent. Here are some of the newer versions of some old boxes. Still alot to be done!










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