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  1. hola, no tengo acceso para bajar estos hucards.Si podes bajarlo, podras compartirlo conmigo. Mi facebook es es [email protected]


  2. SSF don´t work with CHD, i get always black screen...... anyone can share a pre-configured CHD SSF? please.
  3. hola, ya lo corregi

    1. kyoken



  4. kyoken


  5. Please Retrokenesis do Dreamcast Next, There is only one set in Downloads and still incomplete.........
  6. Amazing Work RetroKenesis
  7. Look, Up in the Sky!

    1. JSinn


      Is it a bird or plane?

  8. kyoken

    Hola a todos

    Hola, arriba verás una pestaña que pone "donate", para poder acceder a los contenidos de Hypersync cloud y al futuro Hyperbase Live, del que ya hay disponible una Beta, solo para premium claro.
  9. Sorry I didn´t see this is an Android Forum, Unfortunately you can´t sync a wiimote with android 4.2 or later.
  10. It works very well in a few emulators, you must buy this: http://www.mayflash.com/products/nintendowiigc/w010.html but it´s impossible to make it work in pcsx2 (ps2 games), Try Model2 emulator if you want to play House of the dead and you can play Time Crisis, in Mame (Arcade), and Playstation (Try EPSXE).
  11. Hola, si has leído un poco, verás que todo el mundo utiliza Xpadder, es un programa muy sencillo que te permite asignar cualquier tecla con el botón que quieras, incluso puedes manejar el ratón (muy util para nintendo DS). Es de pago, pero es poco y merece la pena, hay soluciones gratuitas como el Joy2Key o algo así, pero aquí incluso puedes encontrar "profiles" o asignaciones de botones para emuladores para descargar, así que te recomiendo Xpadder
  12. Pigz is fastest than 7zip it´s supports multi-threaded gzip compression, try it
  13. kyoken

    AMD A8 opinions

    I have an A8 (Htpc) and a A10 too, i can play with the A8 to all emus, maybe a few dolphin and pcsx2 games dont work at fullspeed and you have to configure demul to work at fullspeed, but i think its better to buy a more powerful intel G3220 (3Ghz), a better dual core processor, Only a few emus works with all 4 cores, the gpu is enough powerful to play many emus and when you can, upgrade it with a better gpu. And its very very cheap
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