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CUSTOM ARTWORK - Graphic Design services for your cabinets

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Hello spinners & pinners,

My name is Josh White and I've been making some custom Pinball cab designs for members. I started with Dazz's Twilight Tribute HyperPin 2125 at the Texas Pinball Convention in March this year. Since then I've done a few more designs and wanted to offer my services.

I'm a broadcast senior graphic designer with 18 years’ experience in design for tv, print & web. I've got my BFA in Art at the University of Rhode Island and started working for NBC out of college. We moved around the country a few times and now our family lives in Texas.

I love making design work for people. This venture is a true calling back to my roots as an artist learning about out Art History and making creative design work. TV pays the bills but this is more fun!

I’ve been offering a 20% discount for gold members. I charge $25 an hour and send samples throughout the build. We start with the basic concept then get going on the elements needed for the cab. I can design standup arcade machines as well. Marquees, instruction decals, control panels, the whole deal. I'm quick with all the programs designers use today. I run both Mac & PC at home. 2D, 3D - all the Adobe stuff. I have tons of experince in digital design which saves you time and money.

I'm working with Bowman Signs in Connecticut, all my designs have been printed by Bradley and we are working on creating some generic design cabs that can easily be customized and made to spec. His shop is second to none and I enjoy seeing his prints on member’s cabs, they look outstanding!

Please check out my work and let me know if you'd like to hire me for your next project.

Thank you, all the best!












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Thanks RidicRic,

I appreciate the feedback. I'm really enjoying bringing members ideas to life. I'm working on a few new projects and will post an update soon.

I just came across your work station post, like the layout. Paint station; sweet. What are you doing for TNMT art?

Thank you,


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Here is a Mame marquee that's been great to work on. It's a 2 layered plexi. The upper plate has a keyed see through Mame logo; the back plate is a full color evil eye design.

We went through 2 versions to end up with the evil mean eyes. The first version was too human and a bit lady like. I'm diggin round two with the reptille look.

Thanks to KHammel for the design work. I can't wait to see it complete on his bad ass machine.



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Play on words. Sorry Evil Eye didn't want to mislead. Tough to keep tabs on everyone's handels here :itsme:

Also important note pixelhugger made the Mame logo. His design is great and clean and was perfect for this design layout. Thanks to him for letting me use his creation in this project. I'll post an update when I get pics showing it complete.

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Hello Spinners & Pinners!

Here’s an art design update for some new projects I've completed with some great member ideas.

Please check out some of our new custom design projects:

Metalliball was made into a great Pin Dude collage cooked up by Eddie in Cali. This project really represents the essence of the band with some great pinball figures acting out songs. What a great idea for a themed cab. I can see other classic rock bands getting this treatment.

Brad at Bowman Signs in Connecticut & I have been hammering away his Video Man design and we're nearing the finish line. From where we started and what’ll be the final phase has been a great exercise in making something killer kool!

Andy & Tom in Georgia have started what should be a great Hyper Pin Generic design to update the skins we've all admired on the forums of classic pinball. Please check out what billpa's logo looks like in 3D with a dfwArcade twist on the new classics like Iron Man, Spider Man, Tron, Batman & Terminator.

Brad Bowman (Bowmansign.com) & I are going to be offering a generic Hyper Pin pinball decal set. This design was brought about with the cooperation of billpa the designer of the HP logo. We'll have a decal set ready for purchase and may require some tweaking to fit particular cabinets. The design is truly a work of art. I'd like to thank our generous member’s community for sharing ideas and resources to make this possible.

Please keep an eye out for the details that will soon be posted. If you have any questions or need additional information please send me a message.

Thank you, Respectfully yours!










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Hello Goldoralkiller,

Thanks for contacting me. If you'd like to discuss what a project involves we can review what I do. I charge $25 an hour for design work. I'd need your cabinet dimnensions (measurements) so I can create a custom designed decal set. Usually that's 2 sides, 2 tops and a front decal. I offer a 20% discount on the cost of a custom designed project.

Let me know if you'd like to do something for your pinball cabinet. I also offer a completed Hyper Spin decal set for $295 plus shipping. You can see my albums to get an idea of the type of design work I do for clients. I made and sent a Hyper Spin set to France for a client and shipping was $60.

Thank you,


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Hello spinners & pinners,

Another few custom pinball designs to showcase to the community:

Wizard Pin cooked up by Carlos is a great idea. He wanted a Lord of the Rings inspired cabinet. We took Gandalf and made him fight a dragon; yeah boy!! I really like the colors and balance of the castle darks and the electrified greens with smoke and some cool details. Fun way to show off some fantasy inspired artwork for a cool project. Thank you Carlos!!

Brandon wanted a cool contemporary looking Monster Energy Pinball cabinet design. Mission accomplished. What a smart way to show off the energy brand Monster logo with some clean colored and moody environments. The lightning was a real blast to make and that combined with the smokey haze throughout the design really helps make some killer contrast on the cab. Thanks to Brandon to really help fine tune what the finished product looks like.

And last but not least is Ron's El Toro de Pinball. A zodiac inspired design that I really am diggin’. The balance of vast space with panels of glass cutting across the cosmos look great. Juxtapose the flaming comets pinballs and we have a winner in my book. This was a fun way to unleash a possible series of other designs based on the layout with alternate colors and using the zodiac symbols as the focus of the cab. I'm not sure what my Gemini would look like but a Scorpio would be bad ass! Thanks Ron!!

That's it for now. The Texas Pinball Festival is in a few weeks. I hope to see and meet some more HS members and discover some more hidden treasures in the design world of retro gaming. I appreciate getting to work with such creative people in our HS community. All these projects are truly great to work on and I'm looking forward to the next series of projects.

Thank you, all the best!!















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Hi josh could you give me some better contact info for you I need some help with my cab art .

IM not sure my pms are going through thanks. Sorry for interrupting your post

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Thanks for the contact. We messaged each other back in January. Sorry but I'm still not following with what your wanting to do. I'll need some more info. Please PM me and we can discuss what you'd like for me to possibly help you with.

Thank you,


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Hello spinners,

I just completed a stand up arcade cab design I wanted to share. The client had an interesting challenge in that he wanted to recess the Predator skull on the sides of the build. Add some LED lighting and he ends up with a pretty sweet Predator design.

Attached are some pics of the design build. Vince was a great client to work with and provided me with some time saving Photoshop and Illustrator files to hit the ground running. The CP was pretty much finished but we made it look more like the jungle Aztec feel we made after some early concept designs.

The Side sample panels show the inlay skull design that will live behind the side panels. A circular hole will be cut out to recess the skull with illuminated LED light to pop the design on both sides.

Predator Control Panel was based on the client's design layout. Originally the design was supplied to me as a space themed controller but we changed to the ancient Aztec look instead.

I found a great Predator movie title font that gets juxtaposed with the Mame classic text treatment.

Put it all together and we get a great looking Predator tribute with some very cool contrast of color and balance. Great project, thanks Vince!

If you’re interested in doing an arcade cab design please PM me about your ideas.

Thank you. All the best!






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I see you charge $25 an hour I am making a Bar top which will start as a 600mm 2feet in imperial cube with parts removed to make it look arcade ish as a rough estimate how long would it take to make a full set of skins the theme is general multi emulator ? Just looking for rough cost. I have the cad files of the machine if it makes it easier.

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Hello bluc,

Thank you for the contact. I've custom designed a few bartops. Hard to say how much time is needed without knowing what sort of design your wanting. Measurements are great. I'll also need to know how the CP buttons are laid out.

I have 19 years’ experience in broadcast and print design. I run both Mac & PC at home and have all the latest software. I have designed arcade inspired custom designs for clients all over the world; France, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom and many across the US. Also please check out my galleries on HS for some more samples.

As you know I charge $25 an hour and offer a 20% discount off the final invoice for HS members. I base my design projects on how much is needed per project. A typical bartop (2 sides, a marquee and CP) takes around 8-16 hours.

I require a $75 deposit to start and book time for new clients. I'm booked through the end of August and will be taking on new clients for September. Please let me know if you're interested and we can plan on getting your project started next month.

Please send me an IM with your email and I'll reply with some samples of some bartops and my design work in both tv & print.

Thank you, all the best!


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Hello TJC,

It all depends on the complexity of the design. 2D vs 3D in the logo for example. PM was a 2D design title which isn't as time consuming as a 3D title logo.

Predator Mame was 16 hours in total. I was supplied with a CP design & marquee samples so I had the client's rough layout which saved time. If we added a kick plate to PM that would of been another 2 hours.

Tough to say without knowing what the title or logo would be as well. I would say maybe about a 18-22 hours design build which would cost about $360-440 range after your HS 20% discount.

Thanks for asking. Please let me know if you need anything more. Check out my galleries for more examples of my designs. Also please check out my website too, it's just getting started (just a dummy page) & has a link for emailing me about design work.


Thank you,


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