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  1. Dude, 

    S'up? :)

  2. BIG GUY! Was up?!?!

  3. Building my PC HELP!!!

    Ja, Wii U,Wii,Ps2 en GC lopen als een trein en interne resolutie van elke emulator staat op 4K (maximum settings)
  4. My buddy... Hope all is well!

  5. Building my PC HELP!!!

    LMAO.......and thanks for the info T. it should be good enough and i can finally start using the tablet
  6. Building my PC HELP!!!

    The images aren't shown
  7. Building my PC HELP!!!

    Well i consdered everything and made my choice thanks guys....this is the system. Motherboard: Asus h87-plus Processor: Intel core I5 4670k (unlocked) @3,4 GHz turbo @ 3,9 GHz Ram: 16 gb ddr3GPU GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition PNY (Got it for 100 euro) Main drive: Kingston 120gb ssd Extra Drive: Seagate 2TB PSU: Corsair 400 watt (think i will need to get a 500 watt for the GPU) Total spend: € 475
  8. Building my PC HELP!!!

    4th one USED 590 euro Processor: i5 4670K (€261)Corsair Hydro watercooling (€100,-)GPU MSI Gaming GTX 780 (€180)Memory 8gb 2x4 1699mhz (€70)Ssd: 256Gb (€70)HDD: 1tb, 1000gbMSI gaming z87-g45(€110)cooler master (€110)cooler master v550 (€95)Cd/dvd drive(€20)
  9. Building my PC HELP!!!

    3rd (BRAND NEW) Now this one is 629 euro (with the 1050 2 GB GPU), it's 654 euro (with the 1050TI 4GB GPU) Intel Pentium Quad Thread 3,5 GHZ (faster then 6-core AMD) 16 GB DDR4 MemoryNvidia Geforce 1050 2 GBDVI, HDMI, Displayport 120 GB SSD 2tb harddisk USB 3.01 Gigabit Surround 5.1 HD audioPSU 500 watt Hyper 103 Cooler
  10. Building my PC HELP!!!

    2nd NEW 369 euro (without a graphics card) But i have money to spend to get one 2000Gb Westerndigital Black sata 64Mb Cache 7200tpmProcessor 4de gen i5-4460 quadcore 4x3,4Ghz8Gb kingstone 1600Mhz interngeheugen, max 32 GbSpire400 watt Motherboard Asus Z97-AR,6x usb 3 DisplayPort/Hdmi,Integrated Grapics 4600Aerow Cool GT-RS
  11. Building my PC HELP!!!

    Okay guys, thanks, i selected 4 pc's 2 used that i can upgrade with a new videocard and 2 with the videocard 1st USED 375 euro (without a graphics card) Asus h87-plus Intel core I5 4670k (unlocked) @3,4 GHz turbo @ 3,9ghz,Coolermaster 212 evo cpu koeler,Corsair 400 watt 16 gb ddr3 geheugen, 2 x 4 kingston, 2x4 corsair,Kingston 120gb ssd
  12. Building my PC HELP!!!

    I have up to 600 to spend for the pc, i'll have a look at alternate see what they have.
  13. Building my PC HELP!!!

    Thanks buddy. yeah it's hard to choose right. especially on the processor. io am also looking on Marktplaats for a complete new build. but better do my research first and what better place then here
  14. Okay guys. just to be sure that i am ordering the correct stuff i want to see what the PC guru's say. I want to emulate up to Wii-U and 3DS and this is what i got so far keep in mind i only have 600 to spend Processor ?????? i did some homework and found out Intel is more stable for emulation Ram 8GB GPU Nvidia GT1050TI-OC-4GB 120 GB SSD 2TB SATA PSU 550 watts I dont want to spend money on the wrong parts that wont even benefit the EMU so come on guys.......help
  15. DONNIE! 


    Hope all is well my friend! 

    1. SubZero


      Yo Bro! is that damn cab finished yet? or to busy at the gym ;)

    2. SubZero


      And doing great buddy! growing like a beast.....had to learn to get my meals correct, sleep my hours and get my training correct and keep it constant. Thanks for the tip on one muscle group focus day, it triggered my learnin curve on how muscles work and grow and still learning vevery day. how are you bro

    3. thegreatiandi


      My brother...how the heck have things been man?! Everything is good this way, just to busy with work man. The consumer electronic show ( C.E.S ) here in Las Vegas killed me for all of January. Just slowing a bit for a sec...trying to keep training up. I want a few extra pounds on this year lol...just see how it looks:dance:! I'm glad you are getting it in man....hard freaking work right?! Ughh.

      The cab? Nope...i stalled because of work and more importantly...emulation issue snags with getting them integrated into hyperspin...not gonna lie lol :wallbash:. I'm back now and trying to jump back in.  I was able to get the Dolphin emulator working...that was awesome to me. Not really much i want to play on it..but i got it working though.

      I see you have a theme pack completed?!?!?