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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Set of 448 Atari 2600 2D boxes with reflections added and reformatted to be aspect-correct in 16:9 widescreen setups. The boxes themselves are sourced from other 2D box sets. This set matches HyperList as of December 2017, but does not include images for games marked as prototypes, unlicensed, or non-English games.
  2. The HyperSpin Project

    Makes sense that HP could be confused with HyperPause. It's all good... I just didn't know what it was supposed to be.
  3. HyperSync Technical Support

    HyperSync is for Platinum members. There was a trial period where Gold members could use it, but I'm pretty sure that's over.
  4. The HyperSpin Project

    No offense, but that was my thought too... um... what is it? (I still don't know) Maybe an "HP" circle would be better, to match the other badges?
  5. The HyperSpin Project

    That quick guide ought to be passed along to the guys updating the wiki even so.
  6. The HyperSpin Project

    Yes, sorry, missed the "private" part of that. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. The HyperSpin Project

    Project FTP? I thought we were moving away from that?
  8. The HyperSpin Project

    +1 on including Crylen's main menu wheels. They are magnificent. I'm helping the cause all over the place. Heh. Helping with the PSP Art Project is my current focus. Thanks to everyone who has contributed at least something of value to HyperSpin. This place would be a faint shadow of what it is without everyone's help. To those who haven't contributed... why not? Even if you have no creative skills at all, there's always TONS of room to help with the databases, artwork sourcing, error checking, etc. etc. Find something that interests you and dive right in! It's great fun and very satisfying.
  9. HyperSync 3.5 Install and Download Info

    I'm actually redoing my HyperSpin setup on my HTPC from scratch thanks to the new HyperLaunch and HyperSync. Looking forward to experiencing the new hotness and playing a bunch of games I otherwise never would have. I only wish HS was around when I discovered emulation back in 1996. Great work, everyone!
  10. HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    Same here on the Asteroids theme. I've removed it from my MAME wheel as a workaround in the meantime. Hopefully there are no others that do it.
  11. The Pinball Arcade (Video game)

    Word is, they're releasing 50 tables in 2012. So, we're all in for some really good times. If they can sort the licensing details for tables like Addams Family, I'll be in heaven.