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  1. My Capcom Big Blue Lives!

    Well. I feel better that I am not the only one this is happening too .. I wonder what is causing it to lose focus.
  2. My Capcom Big Blue Lives!

    Thank you! Here in the next week or two I am going to try to get the side decals and bezel ordered then I might still try to source a Capcom Q-Sound amp. I tried to keep it somewhat arcade faithful and a Capcom HyperSpin machine at the same time. I am also having an issue with the JPAC. If I leave it in attract mode for too long for some reason HyperSpin starts ignoring commands coming from the JPAC. I have already turned off USB port sleeping and this even happened to me WHILE I was messing with the wheel checking to make sure I had all the themes and videos. It's happened twice and it takes about 10-15 mins for it to happen. However if I start a game and exit it acts just fine.
  3. So this is a little bit of everything. Its a full cabinet restore of a 2nd or 3rd generation Capcom Big Blue. It came with a Namco System 246 with Tekken 4 but the cab was kind of beat up and needed allot of work. I originally wanted to get a CPS2 multi and put it in there but my wallet screamed NOOOOOOOOOO. So I took an old PC and built out a HyperSpin set up of nothing but Capcom games. I am still tweaking with some of the set up but you get the just of what I am trying to accomplish. I plan on getting a bezel made and getting some die-cut Capcom decals for the sides. I do have a back door with a lock in it but I removed it for the pictures. It actually uses the Capcom Speakers that came in the cab originally. I would have loved to use a QSound Capcom amp but I could not source one for a reasonable price so I used a Sega one. It actually sounds incredible. The front .. Check out the custom made marquee The Back view.. Here is a video demo for it https://youtu.be/dvTs1aewYiw
  4. Games or Roms

    Google Simply Austin .. his videos on YouTube is a good starting point.
  5. Make sure all of your wheels art is 400px x 175px (72dpi). I had an issue with the wheel stalling/freezing/not showing any art. I went and found one of the wheels I downloaded was 1500px x 400px (WTF) and caused HyperSpin to freak out
  6. NES Video Snaps Updated

    I messaged ya on EmuMovies.
  7. Just Got The New Graphics

    Awesome art! But I cant help but noticing that Hulk Hogan is punching Ken right in the nuts!
  8. Panasonic 3DO - 3D Box Pack

    Version 20151011


    Panasonic 3DO - 3D Box Pack. 217 Boxes included.
  9. Panasonic 3DO - 2D Box Pack

    Version 20151011


    Panasonic 3DO - 2D Box Pack. 217 boxes included.
  10. HyperSync 3.5 Install and Download Info

    Just do like Circo suggested. Use any machine in your house thats windows 7 (or 8) install the bare HyperSpin and set up all of the systems in HyperHQ then set up HyperSync and let it do its thing and then copy those over to your other PCs and gaming machines. Don't worry about installing emulators or roms as they are not needed to download all the art you need. Just make sure you update the databases when you set up your systems in HyperSync lol .. at first I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't download anything
  11. HyperSync 3.5 Install and Download Info

    Ron, Just an amazing app. This has came a long way since you first introduced it. I like the set up and it seems very intuitive and easy to use. Bravo!!!
  12. *tap tap* You still alive?

  13. did you get your invite to dropbox

  14. Upgrading NeoGeo MVS25-6 Cabinet

    Wouldn't really need HDMI monitors the RPI has RCA video out. Which is convienent for splitting the video out to multiple monitors in whatever vehicle you have. So you can pick any monitors and use them. Even better with the 3.5mm audio plug you can get a 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable and plug it directly into your amp, EQ, or audio switcher. As far as power source it takes the same power adapter as my droid phone. Sounds like it's easily doable.