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      There he is!... yo buddy, everythings fine,  how are you? the family?


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      Everything's all good man. Christmas was awesome and now it's time to party like it's 1999. All the best to you and yours! 


  3. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    Honestly, I just don't have time to hang out much these days. My kids are getting older and that means I'm sitting with a laptop when they're around. Creating themes means locking myself in an office and it's not really something I have the time for these days. I'll pop in now and again though. I'm sure I'll have time sooner or later to do some stuff. Just not right now. I also have a tendency to take on big projects and that's probably not such a great idea. I'd probably be better off just doing a theme here or there. I've been a glutton for punishment in the past. Oh well, at least it allowed me to learn the tools.
  4. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    Been a long time since I've been on here but the new site looks great!
  5. Help setting up Pinball FX2

    Okay what version of RL would you recommend I download?
  6. Help setting up Pinball FX2

    Okay thanks. My version of Mame supports Cave games. If I upgrade to a new version of Mame you're saying that I can get support for older roms that may not work wtih the new version? This is the real challenge here... if I upgrade MAME then a lot of the time you have to update the ROMs because they don't work with newer versions... that's just not something I really want to do. I have: Mame Mess - for Colecovision Stella - for Atari Future Pinball Steam online for Pinball FX2 Jukecade Nestopia Daphne Its running on Windows 7 (hence why I had to get the online steam app) and is inside a cab. I never did set up a separate wheel for Cave but I suppose I should probably do that.
  7. Help setting up Pinball FX2

    Okay thanks everyone that is greatly appreciated. So it sounds like I've got two options - try again on RocketLauncher or use PC Games on what I've got. Seeing as how it probably makes sense to update the Rocket Laucher, I'll try this avenue again. I'll use this thread going forward to update my progress. Many thanks for those who've replied with offers for help!
  8. Help setting up Pinball FX2

    I've tried... it didn't work. That's the problem, it doesn't allow for older versions of some Emus. It's always built to support the latest version.
  9. Help setting up Pinball FX2

    Okay, so I've done some themes for this and now it would be nice to be able to use them. I'm currently on an old version of Hyper Launch version Why such an old version? Because I have old emus and don't want to have to update everything to fix what's already is working very well. I'm hoping that I can get Pinball FX2 setup with this version. Anyone want to help this dumb guy out? I'd like to be able to start launching these themes myself. Thanks!
  10. Hyperspin Juke Box

    It didn't come with a readme file? You have to install the fonts in comes with. If you don't install the fonts it won't work.
  11. Hyperspin Juke Box

    I use Jukecade. It's a cool app but it's no longer supported. The author just up and disappeared. I'm sure others have some good suggestions though...
  12. Version 20150615


    Wild West Rampage (Pinball FX2)-Roadrunner Video Snap Available at Emumovies
  13. V12 (Pinball FX2)

    Version 20150615


    V12 (Pinball FX2)-Roadrunner Video Snap Available at Emumovies
  14. Version 20150615


    The Walking Dead (Pinball FX2)-Roadrunner Video Snap Available at Emumovies
  15. Tesla (Pinball FX2)

    Version 20150615


    Tesla (Pinball FX2)-Roadrunner Video Snap Available at Emumovies