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The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!


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Project API startup:  Hey all, any coders out there? Bliss-Box is looking for anyone interested in developing a new bootloader for the 4-play. To put it simple we will write a few bytes via the EEPROM to configure the 4-play. This would give users the ability to do their own mappings, or startup in certain modes. You could also supply a start up command then later read the result. This would be handy for writing game data to mempacks and what not. So this could be a very exciting project. 


Skills require would be:

Some type of gui development

knowledge of usb HID communication. 

consider cross platform.


If you are interested contact us by any means including a forum reply. This is not a job offer as that would not be inappropriate on the forums here. This is a feeler and specific to the HS community. The HS community is the only community that has requested this idea. The device can handle it but the software needs to be developed. On my personal time I have made a few DX apps to work with the API but find DX wrappers are a pain to work with and simple things are holding back development. The 4-play is undergoing a huge stage right now and all software development is put on hold. So we are reaching back. Let us know if you are interests.

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Hey everyone! The moment you've been waiting for is almost here. The Bliss-Box Kickstarter will be kicking off in a few days so we'd like to take this opportunity to share a preview of its contents. Feel free to make requests or provide feedback at any time throughout the Kickstarter event. We want to work hard to make sure we do everything in our power to accomodate the needs of the community. Thanks so much for your support and for helping us to preserve gaming history and culture for generations to come!


Click here for the preview!


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Looks great. Breeding honest, I think you need to work on the stretch goals... They should be an incentive for ME to back/share/encourage/coerce - you releasing 100 more doesn't really make any difference to me.

I generally back board games and you usually get exclusive prices, better design, better quality etc - you could easily do this, even artificially by including a desired cable that 'isn't availavle' prior to stretch, or better yet, come up with something different - a flush mountable option for example

Just my 2p :)

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I love the idea of this again however I already have bliss box and the set of cables from the other one. I don't need a second one but rather I would love to pick from a number of a few cables to complete my personal set. I really am hoping for a reward of an attachment for nintendos duck hunt gun. Your message in the description seems to hint at that which makes me super excited but in general I think the rewards need to accommodate in two ways... Those in mind that haven't got one of these bad boys and then those that already do. Those that already have bliss, will likely just want to pick from a few new cables and unlock the awesome surprise you have.

Maybe allow for a reward with chose from x number of cables of your choice? For example I already have two snes cables, there is no need for me to have another two cables for snes since there are not four players on that thing however in the first set we only got two n64 cables so there would be a need for two more n64, stuff like that I suppose. It's hard to validate another 100 bucks and such on cables that I may not even use and not knowing if the surprise is even official yet. I don't think I saw price of the rewards but 100 bucks is in my mind and that could be totally wrong. Maybe I saw it in the price analysis which got stuck in my brain. I'm still rooting for you but the rewards for me at least would love to see ale cart x number

Also did subzero ever logo ize this? I remember someone saying he was helping with the new look, what's it look like?

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Have another look lol there are sets containing only the new cables that weren't released last time around and complete kits including both the original cables and the expansion set. There are also "choose x cables" options, albeit for the expansion set.


Side note, SNES supports up to 5 simultaneous players. Here's a rough list off the top of my head of, to the best of my knowledge, the max number of simultaneous players capable on some systems:


Atari 2600 - 2 with normal controllers, 4 with split paddle controllers

Atari 5200 - 4 players

Atari Jaguar - 4 players

Bally Astrocade - 4 players

Commodore Amiga CD32 - 4 players

Mattel Intellivision - 4 players

NEC PC Engine / NEC Turbo-Grafx 16 - 5 players

Nintendo Entertainment System - 4 players

Panasonic 3DO - 6 players

Sega Genesis/32X/CD - 4 players

Sega Dreamcast - 4 players

Sega Master System - 4 players

Sega Saturn - 10 players!!! (12 players if you count homebrew!)

Sony PlayStation / PlayStation 2 - 8 players

Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 5 players


The Bliss-Box kit loadouts are built the way they are to minimize costs for all users, but there are reasons to grab more than the minimum for the enthusiasts out there. ulao even had a Saturn Bomberman party to take 10p 4-play for a spin.

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Dough I think I overread it lol

Anyhow, question for you the snes didn't support 4 controllers right? There were only two output right? So I think the reward I would be looking at to have all the systems with the matching number of controllers would be below right since I already have bliss? If I recall didn't the first set already include 2 sega Dreamcast connections? Lol sorry all.

I wonder what the price points will be?!

The MEGA set (a set of cables matching the original system) addon

For returning customers, these kits will be:

The MEGA Add-On (a set of cables matching the original systems)

2x Apple Bandai Pippin ATMARK

2x Atari Jaguar

2x DB9 (See List Above for Supported Systems)

4x DH15 (See List Above for Supported Systems)

2x GCE Vectrex

1x Nintendo Virtual Boy

2x NEC PC-Engine / NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Full-Sized)

2x NEC PC-Engine / NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Mini)


2x Nintendo 64

4x Nintendo Wii Expansion Port

4x PC Gameport

2x Sega Dreamcast

2x Sega Saturn

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No, SNES supports up to 4 players via multitap, so the add-on for returning customers takes them up to that threshold. Most systems beyond the earliest generations had some form of multitap capability and I believe about 50-60 SNES games feature simultaneous 3-4 player support. The kit's are designed to bring a compromize of low price and cable diversity. Keeps the cost per unit way down for us end-users and it works out fairly well if you're going after a full playset requiring multiple 4-plays. Sega Saturn is the outlier of course because haha holy crap is it multiplayer capable.


That's a good point though and the parenthesis can be edited for clarification.

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Actually, sorry, I misinterpreted what you were saying. Yes, the first set did include 2 Dreamcast cables but the Dreamcast natively supports up to 4 controllers. The purpose of the MEGA kits is to get the exact number of cables natively supported (without multitap) by each system while the FULL kits are a blanket 4-cable set. For crazy mofos like me wanting a set that matches the multitap capabilities of each system, it requires multiple 4-plays and kits anyways.

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Hi mate just a question: u are showing the "FULL Set" on the Kickstarter Preview, will that be available too? I just really dont want to pay 2 or 3 times for shipping thats why it would be the perfect option for me ;)

 The FULL Set

    1x USB 2.0
    1x 4-play Hub
    4x Apple Bandai Pippin ATMARK 
    4x Atari Jaguar
    4x DB9 (See List Above) 
    4X DH15 (See List Above)
    4x GCE Vectrex
    4x Nintendo Virtual Boy
    4x NEC PC-Engine / NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Full-Sized)
    4x NEC PC-Engine / NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Mini)
    4x NEC PC-FX
    4x Nintendo game cube
    4x Nintendo 64
    4x Nintendo Entertainment System
    4x Nintendo Wii Expansion Port
    4x PC Gameport
    4x Sega Dreamcast
    4x Sega Saturn
    4x Sony PlayStation / Sony PlayStation 2
    4x Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Black Hazor, yes, unfortunately it's not easy to get a full setup as it would require a much higher KS goal in order for us to make more of the original cables as well. To get you closer to that goal, however, we've added an Enthusiast Kit with four-of-a-kind of the newer cables plus an original 4-play bundle. Picking up the extra cables can be done by either upgrading when we hit the relevant stretch goal or via the forums, where they become available from time to time. Hope that helps!

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Additionally, we aim to finally reveal our top-secret invention! It's a blast from the past we've all missed dearly that's guaranteed to blow you away! This baby's locked and loaded to reinvigorate a classic genre. Not only that but it's of a scope and caliber that we expect even modern gaming devs to have it in their sights, ready to pull the trigger. Get ready to go ballistic over a volley of new rewards, including early access opportunities!


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It means you two may be the lucky beta testers ;)  Interfacer is correct, and it does interface. In specific, it interfaces with light. 


Pre-requirements; One light gun of any kind (includes arcade stand up units).  And a TV or monitor that is not a CRT/(NTSC or PAL). 

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