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Pedestal Cab


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Hey everyone, just wanted to share my current build ... a pedestal cabinet

slow goings at the moment ... and its going to be a tight squeeze mounting the computer internals (not enough room for the full case) Even the bottom of the CP box had to have a hole cut out to fit the sub ...


For styling .... I'm thinking something along these lines .... bright CP and white and black (with accents)


More to come ...



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She's pretty beefy and stable, but in saying that I haven't attached the CP and joystick and fully "tested" it. The stand's MDF is more dense than the CP's, and weighs more putting it's center of gravity lower increasing stability. If worse comes to worse I can always add some triangular kickers to the back to give it more of a base.

Priming today .... and sanding .... probably for the next week.

What are the dimensions of the pedestal and the CP?

The pedestal is about 900mm high, 420mm wide & 360 deep. CP is 820x460

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Hey guys, a bit of an update ... almost finished just have to mount everything inside, but all the body work is done. You guys were right, I needed some base support as it tilted when i gave the joystick some pepper! A great learning experience so far. Mounting the computer internals might be a bit tricky.

Still to do:

1. LEDs (on their way)

2. Mount Computer internals inside

3. Wire up CP (IPAC or 2xPS360's) ???

4. 6 more buttons on their way for the top of the CP



Sorry for the crap photo, better ones are coming

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