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RetroArch Per "System" settings on there way


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So Radius is starting to get some work done adding a long awaited feature request of mine and many others.

The ability to save system specific shaders, remaps, overlays and other settings.

Shaders are 1st to come.

So now for those multi system cores like GenPlusGX, the Gb/Gbc cores and alike you can have shaders setup to be loaded with specific settings for all content in your rom directory.

Most people have their roms organised by system so it should work well for the most part


Progress starts here


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On 11/3/2018 at 4:38 PM, dark13 said:

Another problem is RL modules still support 1.3.6. Newer versions works well but launch is a bit tormented (the scren blinks too much)

Do you mean during the fade screen retroarch flashes up on screen to early n it flashes from fade to retroarch a few times? If so, turn off full screen in retroarch. Fixed the problem for me

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