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WIP: New/First cabinet build.


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Cold day today and it started snowing :(

But we got the screen mounted.

We brain stormed and brainstormed over a way to mount the display, then we said why not just do it the simplest way? This is what we came up with.





Seems simple enough, now we need to mount the screen. We gutted it last week so it's all set to go in.

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Some real fat self tapping screws. Pre drilled and cranked in with a ratchet (While ray held the TV - complaining)



Now we needed to cleanup the circuitry of the tv.


Ok lets plug it in. It charged, it degaused. And it remembered where it was last power on.


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Some from the back



Next up is the front of the cabinet. We decided to go with the design of the MK2/3 cab.





That's as much as we got done before the snow started picking up and I had to fill the garage back up with all the toys. We put the cabinet on a little wheel cart that fit under it perfect. Pushed it in the corner and put everything back in.


Hopefully we'll get the front done and then we need to figure out something for around the screen. Then it's time to start the control panel :)

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Great job....Taking your time definitely helped out in this process. Great finish, can't wait until it is complete. Happy Holidays guys!

We figured if we were going to invest the time and the $$ to put this machine together, we might as well take our time and make sure everything comes out as good as possible :) Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!

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Looks much bigger when it's in the cab. We built our cab to spec at 25" wide so it's tight. We're still trying to figure out what we want to do for bezel/glass. Anyone have any ideas?

I got a over/under coin door on the way - hopefully we can get the front on with that in there. Probably be another trip to the CNC because cutting out the slots for the sides with a jig saw was annoying heh.

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For the speaker setup we're going to try powering them with an old 2.1 computer speaker setup.

Simple theory - rip apart speakers, cut/splice/go.

But anyone who knows me knows I don't do stuff the simple way.


Removed the left speaker plug. Rewired the right speaker with speaker wire instead of the cheap 26awg wire it had before.




Then added a speaker terminal - should be good to go. Hopefully this setup is passable if not i'll going to be plan B.

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It's been real cold here (low teens) so we haven't been able to work on this thing. Need to get a heating solution in the garage heh

I did pick up this little gem on ebay.


Overall it's in very good condition, the coins drop through and hit the switches, the eject buttons like to stay in though, not sure how that functions so i'll tear it apart and see what's going on. Not bad for $30 + 15 for shipping.

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Yea the speakers are pretty impressive. They crank out some tunes - plenty loud enough for a cabinet.

On final design the tweeters are going to be hot glued in from the back. Right now we just put a couple pieces of electrical tape and wedged them in the hole.


We figured out placement of the components on the back


Then we wired the speakers up - all connections were soldered/heat shrinked



Next we decided to put a floor in the cab and mount the motherboard.



That was our progress for the day - the output of the computer seems to have an issue with vertical sync on the monitor (video is scrolling) and it's black/white only. Don't know if the video card is stuck in component out or what, but we're going to install the driver for the card and check that. If it still doesn't work we're going to try a couple other cards.

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Looks great guys! I'm glad you two have the patience to take your time with it. I think the main thing holding me back from my first build (besides lack of funds, lol) is that I know once I get started, and it starts looking like a cab, I'll get excited about it and start rushing to get it done :D It's looking great though, can't wait to see it finished!

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Trust us we'd love to rush it, we just know how we want it to come out. It's funny we go to work on this thing, get all these plans to do "do this, and that, and that". Then we start working on the first thing, 6 hours later, it's exactly how we're happy with it. And we didn't get anything else on the list done heh.

We're thinking we're going to let the CNC machine give us a perfect (and recessed) hole cutout for the coin door too.

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This is sounding and looking real good. Keep it up guys and I can't wait for the finish product. After my truck system, I going back to the lab and creating a new cabinet. I have missed so much in hyperspin and cabinet making since my other passion has taken over competing in car audio. I let my passion escape for just a little but a little is a lot so I am glad that you guys are taking your time and I am right with you ninjalo, as I can't wait either for them to finish.

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