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My Street Fighter Hyperspin Bartop Cabinet


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Just got my parts in recently. Been working on it about 2 months now. I wanted to go with a Blue/Red Street Fighter Theme. Did all the artwork and had a local print guy do the vinyls for a fair price. Got everything i need except the buttons that i'm trading out these blue ones with. Waiting on my Alpha vs Beta 2 Player Deluxe Kit from ParadiseArcadeShop to come in. Its basically a 2 Player "LEDBlinky" sort of setup w/ LED Balltops. I already have a hard drive i've been setting up on the side with Future Pinball (hence the knob) and Hyperspin. Let me know what you think and any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys.






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Speakers aren't to bad. I allways think that putting them under the marquee like most people gives a really bad viewing angle on the monitor.

If you put them in the top panel above the marquee like I did you'll be disappointed with the sound. Just doesn't seem right when the sound comes out the back of the cab. Sorted this with some small tweeters under the marquee to project the sound to the front..

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That looks awesome - I'm just about to start a bartop build and I'd also be very interested in your artwork - I'll shoot you a pm.

Did you setup BAM with future pinball? I'm still mainly a visual pinball man myself but FP looks so good with BAM - some of the new physics revisions are pretty good too.

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