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Williams vs. DataEast Knocker & 24v or 12v?


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Greetings all, I am placing an order with Pinballlife right now and I thought I might pick up my knocker while placing this order for a Williams coin door.

So, they have two knockers, the DataEast/Sega knocker for $20.50 and the Bally/Williams knocker for $22.50.

So, I guess the first question is if anyone has a preference on either of these or if they sound really different? I will be using the "Knocker Strike Plate" from Piballlife on this build.

But, more importantly, I'm running the groovygamergear 12v/5v PSU so I was wondering if either of those knockers will really knock at 12v? Or am I going to have to get a 24v PSU as well?

I do want to add a gear motor later but those must run at 12v right? (since they come from cars and the battery in a car is 12v?)


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The list does seem to get longer and longer its a nasty side effect of creating your own pinball universe. :)

Man, to be honest though I'm glad it didn't get longer all at once -- probably would have scared me off :) But now, I'm in too deep.

I'm sure by the end of this thing Chris will have convinced me to put a 240v pumpkin chunkin air cannon in my cab for something! ;)

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