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Wreck-It-Ralph (Fix It Felix Jr) cab project.


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Want the artwork files?? Follow instructions below.

For anyone still wanting the files and do not have dropbox click this link below to get dropbox and then send me your email address associated with it so I can add you to the share folder.

If you have dropbox already then just let me know your email so I can add you to the share folder.


Ok so I decided to make my Nintendo cab based on the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Hoping to be done within the next week. This is just for fun and I am redrawing the graphics myself from google images so it will not be perfect, if images get released then this project will be even quicker. Here is my progress so far in 1 hour, should be done with the monitor bezel within the next few hours. Then the control panel, then marquee, then sideart.

Project is Done.... :) Check it out.








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Im pretty excited too! I have a guy sending me a VS control panel that will work. I just have to make new holes in it, cover up the old holes with plexi on top and graphics. How much you want to bet with my luck someone will beat me to this or after I do all the graphic redrawing someone will release all the graphics.. LOL

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Are you gonna remove the mario bros graphics and nintendo controller cpo??? damn thats a shame!! that cab looked very cool, but then again your ideas always look top notch so i loved to see how the finished product will look

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I will remove the graphics I have on the front and just reprint them again when its time. The control panel I am just removing and putting a different one on and the marquee I am removing and putting a new one on.. So it will easily covert back to the way I had in in just minutes. :) But now I might just find another old blue nintendo and make one mario bros and one fix it felix jr.

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I'm thinking that the game is written in ActionScript. I'm trying to extract it, however it may be best for someone very good in ActionScript (hmmm, who here knows ActionScript? ;)) to give it a try as the site uses SWFAddress to deep link the javascript.

- J*

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I am actually using photoshop making a high res in layers then vectorizing it will vector magic... then to illustrator. For some reason I hate designing only with illustrator. If you want to do the side art that would be great! Ill get the marqee, bezel and cpo done tonight.

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This is awesome, glad you decided to do it! Only a matter of time now until someone figures out how to extract the game off Disney's site. Are you making it for MAME/classic games or a Fix it Felix standalone?

Please tell me SOMEONE has figured out how to extract this Flash game. I REALLY want to add this to my current Nintendo cab MAME setup....

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well, I think this is just an awesome idea! I just now saw this, and I just got a vs cab for 250 from an antique shop! if someone gets the game working good maybe we could make this cab a popular reality, then maybe you could have a little bit o business printing and selling the art... just thinking outside the nintenbox

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thats it.. im going to my antique shops around here! and I got the bezel done.. but not going to show anyone yet... Mwuahhahaha! ;) Now time to start the marquee... the CPO will be very hard because I dont have a good pic of the instruction card yet

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Here is the best CP I could find bossman.. Scoured a bit to locate it. You might be able to use the sprites I sent you via PM to recreate a lot of the artwork on the panel. Anyways, I hope anything I have provided you helps out a little bit. Maybe you could even find a way to incorporate the sound effects I sent you into the game. Thanks boss, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. :) Fix it Felix uses a Disney loader to load four separate files at the beginning of the game, it then adds them to a playlist, so compiling this would be a nightmare of great preportions, but I tried; hopefully some of this might help you on your quest!

Ugh that looks like crap, try this one:



Blue: Player

Yellow: Fix

Control Panel Text:

1. Insert coin(s)

2. Select one or two players

3. Controller moves Felix in 4 directions

4. Jump button makes Felix jump.

5. If felix repairs all windows Ralph will move

higher up, and the building changes (shape) << not too sure what the last word is....

6. When a certain buildings have been cleared

Felix saves the building.

Wish I could help out more boss, the only word I am unsure of is on line #5, perhaps you can decipher that one, but at least using the original sprites and fonts I sent it is guaranteed to look authentic. :)

Fix it Felix Jr. Assets: http://www.mediafire.com/?yuekj9ky47m93pk


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