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NEO-GEO Bartop FInished!


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Hello people, first of all, thank you all, with the help of this forum ive finished building one of my projects, this Bartop.. i have built some more, but this one i love the looks and its the first one to have a 22" LCD

Here is the video


I will be making (i hope) one for Nvidia , and another with a Soccer theme (and all the soccer games from day one to present)

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That is superb. As a lover of bartops, it's probably the most beautiful one I've seen anywhere, including my own.

I love the custom graphics and control panel overlay on it, and well done in sneaking in the extra 2 buttons per side to make it a six buton layout. The choice of black for them in contrast with the primary colors for the original SNK 4 button color scheme is great. I presume you're planning to run more than the SNK games on it based on that?

Do you have any pics from the build or shots of the sides, back, insides, etc?

Really well done, a fantastic job!!

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Thank you guys!!, i will post more pictures this week, from inside, the sides, back and in more detail. its wider than the regular bartops.

AMD x2

2gb mem

160gb HD

Geforce 520

Its running Hyperspin with:

Taito x2




Sega x32

Sega Master System

Sega Dreamcast

Sega CD

Sega AM2

Sega AM3

Atari 2600

Atari 5200




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Once again, that is a really beautiful bartop. Best one i've seen yet. Very VERY well done.

I have some questions if you don't mind.

Where did you get the "25cent push for credit" buttons? They look great.

Can you explain how/where you got the cracked black leather look on the front panel of the cab? Is it an adhesive wrap of some sort, and do you have links?

How did you get the Control panel button layout on the game screen for your SNK game in pic 9 in your last post? Is that a custom theme you've created for HS, and do you have that for all of your games, or is it an app like cpwizard or something?

Thanks, and once again, Wow!!

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That's THK's Neo Geo theme, you can get it from the Downloads section I believe.

Thanks. I was looking for a way to display controls for each game on press of a button or on the theme screen on the game menu, but i guess i'll keep looking. Editing themes individually is a bit too much work.

Something just struck me though, i may edit system themes to show which buttons on the cab correspond to which ones on the original console pad....hmmmm.

@ Gheoss. Quick suggestion for you. As you've gone to all the work of making your themes look so good, why don't you deactivate the game name text on the bottom left of the screen that covers your control panel diagram? I think i had to edit an .ini file somewhere to do it, but now i have no text display at all messing up the theme, just the title snap to show me what game I'm on.

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THank you guys again for your feedback!

The 25 cent button, ive printed it in a transparent adhesive sheet, and its inside a regular rectangular button.

The black leather its called TOLEX, you can get it from any Speakers cabinet building site, or store.

The theme is the regular one ive downloaded from here.

About the the ini, i was thinking on doing that, but im afk i would mess the ini up..

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About the the ini, i was thinking on doing that, but im afk i would mess the ini up..

Thanks for your answers. Really nicely done. The completeness of vision on your cab is great.

Dont be afraid to edit the ini file. Just copy and paste it somewhere else as a backup before you do. Make your changes simply in notepad, and save them. If you mess anything up or it doesnt work, just copy/paste your backup back in and overwrite the one you just changed.

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Or you can disable the text by simply checking the box in HyperHQ. I forget the name of it, but it's definitely in there. Either way works and it's completely reversible.

You can't disable the game name, publisher, genre text etc with a checkbox. You can turn on or off the special art (freeplay, press start, etc) but you have to do an .ini edit to remove the text.

It's actually pretty simple though, nothing to be scared of. Here's a post in another thread with an explanation of how it's done. You need to do the edit for each emulator you don't want the text to appear on screen for. In my case i just edited it out of them all, and i think it looks a lot better.


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