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Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)


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Hello folks,

Well for a little over two years, I have been lurking, reading, dreaming and planning on this and a few other forums. I have wanted a VPin cab ever since I saw Chriz99's first build. Then his second build just blew me away! I knew I had to have one just like it!! That was all that was on my mind for months.. Drove my wife near mad :) Originally, I bought a Flash Pinball to gut and build into a Vpin. But it was in such good shape, I could not bear to gut it out. So I worked on repairing it. But, before I could get it fixed and working, I came across an Addams Family Pinball, my wife's all time fav.. At a YARD SALE!!! So I of coarse bought it. Well, now she it utterly hooked on Pinball again and thus the full green light for my project. So I sold Flash and started saving...

Then I saw Mameman's Tron build and everything changed again. But this time it is going to be. And it is going to be a Pin2K! So with a new plan I was off! For Christmas this year, my wife bought me the Cabinet. Our own Mameman will be cutting it out and flatpacking it to ship to me. I was originally going to pseudo copy the VaderPin idea and build a JediPin. Since one of the two Pin2K machines was a SW EP1 machine... It just seemed like a good idea. I even had a very talented SW Artist lined up to do the work. But, I kept dreaming about the Cabinet... and it was always Transformers themed.. So Optimus-Pin was born. Again, I have hired a very talented TF artist to do the art for me. It will be a Generation 1 style, ala IDW's gritty war torn look. Here is a sneak peak of the figures for each side of the head...


And a plug for my artist, If you need some seriously nice artwork, check out http://javierreyes.deviantart.com/?rnrd=45395 His prices are fair and his work is awesome!

The OS I am running is Server 2003 ala Tiny03.

The Computer will be as follows..

CPU - Intel I5 3570K Overclocked to 4.08 Ghz

Video - 2 x EVGA Geforce GTX 460 SuperClocked 768 MB Video cards.

MB - Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

RAM - Crucial - Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR3 SDRAM

HDD - Monster Digital - Daytona 120 GB Internal Solid State Drive

Power supply - Thermaltake - 650-Watt ATX Power Supply


PF - 39" Westinghouse LED

BG - 24" Acer LED

DMD - 22" Samsung LCD


5 x Heatsinks for RGB LEDs

5 x RGB LEDs Link deleted... Do NOT buy from LED.SHOPPE*2010 on Ebay These LEDs are garbage. They are on the Die WRONG.

2 x 44 LED Strobes

24 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply

8 x Seimens Contactors

MS Sidewinder Freestyle Pro Controller

3 x 12 position Terminal Block

RGB LED Strips for Under body/back lighting

Litemite RGB Flipper lites

Shaker and Wiper motor purchased from KonkyKong

Zebulons Booster boards.

Cabinet Parts

4 x Coin Door Bolts

4 x Coin Door Nuts

Stern Start Button

2 x Clear Flipper Buttons

2 x Nylon Flipper Button Nuts

2 x Plastic Glass Channels

5 x Clear Light Domes

RFM Ball Launch Button

Williams/Bally Extra Ball Button

William/Bally Replay Knocker

4 x Virtuapin Leaf Springs

Legs, Lockdown Bar, Stern Rails and Import coin door supplied by Local Pinhead from Pinside.com

Receiver purchased on Pinside.com

Audio Gear

Lepai Mini 2.1 Amplifier I did not like this amp, The Gain did not work and it is really under powered, plus mine came damaged. I have repaired it, but it still just junk. So I have now purchased ...

BOSS - 400W 4-Channel Amplifier with Variable Gain Controls

10" Legacy Subwoofer

2x 4" 2 Way Pyle Speakers

It will run both FP and VP, as there are several FP tables I want to play.

At this point, I have the PC built, Installed the OS and some of the applications I will need. I am currently doing a heavy load test with my current overclock and making sure I will not have any issues. In a couple days I will continue the configuration of the software and getting it ready for a cabinet.

I will update with pictures and progress as I get more accomplished.

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks and I agree! I have to say I am utterly impressed with Javier's work and willingness to work with me and my crazy ideas.

With the Head Art backgrounds going to be Red and Purple, I am thinking about using Red AND Purple T-Molding on the head as well.

I am still working out as to if I should use the Terminator 2 Pinball Launcher gun I have coming or use a P2K launch button. I will not have a Shooter Rod style Launcher on my cabinet.

I am just about to start configuring the software for the cabinet in a few. So wish me luck!

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Well, I have no real progress on the software. I got most of it installed, but have not gotten it setup to work correctly yet. Life gets in the way.

However, I Do have the other side of the Artwork for the Head now!!!

I present to you, Megatron!


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Thanks! Now that the Head artwork is complete, We will be working on the Side art.

And our own Mameman sent me this photo last night...



I have the software working and a few tables installed. My Contactors will be here tomorrow. I still have quite a few bits and pieces to order over the next few weeks. But all the major stuff is paid for, so I don't expect too many slow downs. I never realized just how much work it is to install all these tables though!! It is too bad I don't have someone local with a Cabinet that I could go copy their work :D

I also still have to get some garage space freed up so I can build this sucker! If you could see my garage right now, you would cringe at the thought of stepping into it.

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Are you going to be incorporating a real DMD as well, ala traditional pin? I'm going off the pic you posted above as I see what looks like a speaker panel built into the wood trim for your backglass monitor. If so, are you still putting a monitor face down in the usual P2k head position so that it reflects off the playfield?

*edit* disregard, I forget that's how he builds the trim for the DMD monitor area. Has the two holes and the rectangular piece for wires and styuff. Been a while since I looked under the head of my P2K. :D

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I was curious what that hole was for too :D Good to know!

Currently I am trying to figure out the rest of the stuff I need to order and figure out how to get it past my banker (wife) :D

I have another $100 worth of stuff for the cabinet to order from Pinball Life, I need to get my sub, amp and speakers, My Shaker motor and bits.. LEDs and misc. wire, resistors fuses and such.. And to find a wiper motor.

Then I should have pretty much everything, so when the Cab gets here, I can get busy :D Now to get off my arse and get some extra coin back into the bank account.....

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Hmmm, I ordered my 24v 10a power supply for the contactors, shaker, wiper motor and knocker. I wonder if it would be better to also add another PC power supply, say 300w for the LEDs, run them off my 650w that is hooked to the PC, or run them from the 24volt unit via stepping the current down?

Any thoughts?

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I read where Pinballlooking was getting stutter using actual Pinball Leaf switches. Has anyone else tried this? My plan is to use the dual leaf switches so I can control two sets of of flippers with one set of flipper buttons. However, if using leaf switches is going to cause stutter.. although I can't understand why it would... I may have to find an alternative.

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I read where Pinballlooking was getting stutter using actual Pinball Leaf switches. Has anyone else tried this? My plan is to use the dual leaf switches so I can control two sets of of flippers with one set of flipper buttons. However, if using leaf switches is going to cause stutter.. although I can't understand why it would... I may have to find an alternative.

I did some issues using original flipper leaf's. I had put this down to the low voltage we are using versus the real deal. When i switched to the VP units that seems to have gone. that said it may also be the material. I would be tempted to look and see if you can find those dual ones you want in copper coated etc rather than plain spring steel.

just a thought.

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Yea, I am going to do some digging around and see what I can find for options. As of yet, I have been able to find anything in a microswitch option that will give the same results.. But I am sure it exists.



I may be able to take 4 of these http://virtuapin.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=40

And use them to make the 2 dual switches I need. LAter I will pop the top on my TAF Pinball and get a better look at the build of the actual switch, to see what I would need to do.

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