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  3. Hyperspin checker use the hyperspin settings file. So you must edit the file hyperspin/Settings/"your system".ini and set the rom path where your roms are stored. When you do that, you can check your roms with hyperspin checker
  4. @Roadrunner I went back to windows 7 as W10 was a pain. I don't really care if it's coming to end of life as the cab only connects to the internet occasionally. I have PBFX 2 & 3 on my cab but I've only ever play FX3 since it came out. P. S There is a module for FX3.
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  8. Yes, I have that app, and I have RL, but I have a fresh install, no options or nothing setup. I only installed this just to match my roms with the list. So I am starting from no settings. What are the minimum steps to match rom list?
  9. Thank you for clearing my mind. Negative wiring mine was connect all together didnt find any issue . I wanted to ask if you know how to restore or recover back the default Mame Keys to ipac board? What happened is I have upgraded the firmware but seems all my records been erased after upgrade. I was using ultimate board.
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  15. you can also use this, it will check your roms and all your media it can also check to see if you have files that are not currently named to match your XMLs
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  17. Just audit your games right in RLUI. Ones you have will turn green. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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  20. I have just installed a Fresh copy of Hyperspin full install and the only thing I want to do with it at this time is match my current ROM library with the Hyperlist .XML found herehttp://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ For example, I just want to match my PSX roms against the PSX Hyperlist .XML to see what games I am missing. What is the easiest way to do this without setting up a bunch of stuff. I tried HyperspinChecker 0.11.1u3 Beta but it doesn't see any of my roms. Maybe I need it dummied down for me. Any helps is appreciated. Thank you!
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