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  1. LaunchBox has quite a few religious people. It is a plugin, not required and completely optional. I personally am not religious but I also see no problem with it. - Optional Rant
  2. Your FB post are really nice. It got me back into visiting the forums to see what's up. Kudos.
  3. They are dead. Someone might have copies somewhere. I am not particularly proud of them, which is why I deleted them.
  4. Launchbox does not have many artist for things like boxart, carts etc. It does have a very early database that is still being worked and is open for anyone of the community to fill in data and add images. Where launchbox does shine is the feedback directly from Jason Carr to the community. They also have a lot of amazing themes and now plugin support to make things even better. The growth over the last year has been incredible and will only get better. We do need more talented artist instead of just ripping images from HyperSpin but we have had a few very talented HyperSpinners drop by and say hello with hints at helping in our lacking areas. Try not to think of it as HyperSpin vs Launchbox and instead think of it an opportunity for both come out in a better place than originally before.
  5. My personal preference on my cab and my two gaming pc's is a 500 gig SSD drive for the OS and a 3-4 TB HD for roms with a detachable 4 tb usb drive that shares backup's and data for all 3. I also symlink all the important emulator files like bios, saves, sstates and custom configs to a free google drive account that syncs between all 3 that way I can continue play on any system I choose at anytime.
  6. With so many options out there for FE's these days I find this post a little insulting. Don't feed the trolls.
  7. Imagine official Hyperspin artwork crossed with Launchbox database, metadata and functionality. It would be the best front end marriage ever.
  8. Whoa, I know this is beta and all but this seems a little excessive. This is after a reboot, run once, close application and repeat.
  9. Which folders does HyperBase use to determine which systems to populate? I did a fresh install of a dummy Hyperspin, added all the database folders for the systems I wanted but It only populates the default Hyperspin systems.
  10. I also had the same issue and just gave up which led to me deleting Hyperspin completely and moving on.
  11. Austin makes great vids and is a awesome source of news for emulation in general.
  12. Hey Austin. Just saw your Xebra vid, that emulator is nuts. I might go that route if I continue to have epsxe issues with the wide screen garbage.
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