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(Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview and Install

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Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation






And anyone I have forgotten helped me learn this

My guides are only an extension of Reznnate's sticky posts

PLEASE READ the OTHER sticky posts


What is it?

An Android version of Hyperspin that works with existing themes and data directly from the Hyperspin community.   It launches both Android games and Android emulators.



Several reasons...    

  1. Android hardware is getting faster and faster.    
  2. Emulators for Android are getting better and better.    
  3. We wanted to play with our Hyperspin setups outside the house.    
  4. I wanted to replace the old PC in my MAME cabinet with a mobile device so I could justify leaving it on all the time.  
  5. It needed the ultimate launcher!!!



Since the Windows version of Hyperspin is dependent on Adobe Flash, it was necessary to build the app from scratch. With performance in mind, the Android version is highly-threaded and renders with the GPU using OpenGL.








Hyperspin/Android Limitations


RocketLauncher is not available for use on Android but the settings files it uses within a PC setup are compatible.

  • Vertical Systems/Wheel list only
  • No Touch Screen Input (Controller required)
  • Favourites list feature not supported
  • Genre feature not supported
  • Searching subfolders for ROM’s not supported
  • Games list only supports launching of one emulator (multiple emulators can exist in settings line and the 1st one installed will be launched)
  • PC based animations and themes not fully functional. See this detailed post HERE




Never used Hyperspin before?


As Hyperspin Android was originally designed to allow PC users to have another way to experience their setup you will need to first decide how you would like to proceed with your Hyperspin Android setup

**Skip to Installation section if NOT using a PC**



  1. The easiest way is to  install the PC version for testing and building your Android setup (Follow Avar’s official tutorial videos HERE or follow step by step guides HERE
  2. Alternatively build your Hyperspin Android setup from iOS computer or directly from your Android device.


Already using Hyperspin on a PC?

You can co-exist your PC and Android Hyperspin setups in one Hyperspin folder by making the following additions.


  • Optional additional database file called "Main Menu_Android.xml". Located in your Hyperspin/Databases/Main Menu folder. This will allow for a specifically tailored Main Menu for your Hyperspin Android setup

1 Main Menu_Android xml.png


  • Optional additional settings folder called /Settings_Android. Located in your Hyperspin directory and populated with your Android specific Main Menu.ini, Settings.ini and SYSTEMNAME.ini’s. This allows both Windows and Android launcher/rompaths to co-exist in separate .ini files within the same Hyperspin directory.

2 Settings_Android Folder.png



Some of your PC Themes and features may not be compatible with your Android setup so it may pay to build a specific Hyperspin folder for your Android setup. If you take this opportunity to trim unneeded files to save storage space it will likely mean some 3rd party tools (Don’s Filter list and Hypertools) may not function correctly.


Also adjustments to your Android set of settings will need to be done manually with a text editor







What’s Needed:

  1. A file explorer installed on your Android device (ES File Explorer in this case)
  2. Optional: PC to make life easier

Step 1 – App Installation

Note: The device you are using and your chosen Hyperspin folder location (local, sdcard, external HDD or NAS) will directly affect your steps and settings file values

All testing was done on my NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 3.2 Marshmallow 6.0, slight differences may be found on other devices


  1. On your device open Google Play Store and search for Hyperspin

Hyperspin App Store.png


       2. Install as any other Play Store app, accepting all permissions when prompted


You will now see the Hyperspin app in you devices menu

Hperspin App Installed.png



Step 2 – Build your Hyperspin directories

To function, Hyperspin pulls all data from an installation folder NOT included with the app installation. Without this directory you will see the below screen when trying to launch Hyperspin

No HS Folder.png

Note: New users without a Hyperspin directory and not installing a PC version of Hyperspin please download


 Hyperspin Android base pack

(Adjusted from BBB's Hyperspin 1.3.3 file)

Existing users please locate your PC Hyperspin directory and copy this to the root of your preferred storage device (USB, SD card, internal storage or NAS) see below details.



But First...


Decide on Storage Media & Location...


I will now show you how to install Hyperspin onto the internal storage of your Android device. You are free to place your Hyperspin directory on a different storage device, including SD cards, USB storage and Network Attached Storage (NAS), but please be aware Hyperspin will seek and prioritize booting 1st from







for your data.


Also note that on the Shield TV Pro /storage/Emulated/0 & /storage/sdcard are in fact the same location


If you will be using a NAS to store your Hyperspin directory, please be aware that there can only be one directory level between your devices /storage directory and your Hyperspin directory. For this to work, you will need to share your Hyperspin folder from your NAS device and the map that device to you Android device through its storage settings. It should then be seen in your devices /storage folder (I will cover this in detail in subsequent tutorials)


Example of correct NAS Path:-           /storage/MYNAS/Hyperspin

Example of incorrect NAS Path:-        /storage/MYNAS/SUBFOLDER/Hyperspin


My TEST path screenshot

  1. Is my Local device directory /storage
  2. Is the name of my NAS Drive sdcard1

1 NAS Path.png


Next – Get a file explorer


I Installed ES File Explorer (ESFE) by searching ES in your Play Store app and install as any other.


Play Store ESFE.png



Launch ESFE and navigate to the 1) Local then 2) Home - option. Place your Hyperspin folder here 3)


Local Hyperspin Folder Edit.png



Note: For a HSA to work the ONLY required files/folders for an Android installation are as follows





/Emulators (optional ROM location structure for ease of setup)



Please now exit to your home screen and launch the Hyperspin App, to test everything is correct. Depending on your correct choice of Hyperspin directory you should now be greeted with the Hyperspin intro video and your Main Menu wheel of systems.


The base pack download will look similar to this example.


Default HS.png


This is what you get with the default Hyperspin 1.3.3 version I have adjusted



Now you have completed the basic installation there are some settings that require adjusting and reviewing to enable games to be launched.

Also the per system/wheel settings are covered here


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There is badhemi'S set of about 86 systems in the Nividia beginners guide thread and also Reznates set of about 40 in the downloads section.

There is also a blank ini file in the

Anyone feel free to post up settings as settings will be my next focus.

There really is not many settings to change in the android version and big sets can leave odd problems I am aiming to overcome if possible.

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Cool JSK

Nice one badhemi, did you ever put your settings in the Upload section? If not I don't see why really. They are the biggest set I have come across

no I didn't. Not sure where to do it

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The only space I see for these is templates. That is where my base pack is.

As they can't be used directly on the PC or with RocketLauncher

If your ok with it badhemi I will take your settings files and do the following for release.

1. Strip out RocketLauncher parameters

2. Set all filters to false

3. Set all indexes to true

4. Default any custom positions

5. Adjust the rompath to uniform location except those that require specific (MAME softlists)

This should give anyone new a solid and simple base to start with.

I have a vanilla set of about 217 so will basically copy the rompath, exe and parameters out.

You have any problems with reload_backgrounds. I have seen that issue pop up. I don't have transitions and I think that's to option for them.

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So I don't suppose rezznate or whatever his name is ever added the ability to define different themes to be used for the Android version? A lot of my themes don't work on the android version and I definitely don't want to switch them just for android and make my PC themes be different. Was hoping putting those files on the internal of the shield would override what was on the external drive but it seems the external is taking priority.

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Well that's not so bad then.

I have a process to convert the themes which works well depending on the animation used.

Sounds like you would be best creating a copy of your Hyperspin setup and adjusting the media for android. Then leave the rompath pointing to wherever it is. May be hard if your swapping a drive between droid and PC

(Reznate has done a great job getting it this far, but yes an update would be awesome. Developers are hard to come by on Android, I think it's the main reason for stagnation)

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Nah, I don't wanna break/lessen themes for PC just for Android. My Hyperspin for PC resides on my drive in the root in the Hyperspin folder, I would rather not have to rename that as I have a lot of other stuff dependent on that path. Oh well though, will drop Android until the day he may issue an update. Probably around the same time HS PC will get one =P

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So I don't suppose rezznate or whatever his name is ever added the ability to define different themes to be used for the Android version? A lot of my themes don't work on the android version and I definitely don't want to switch them just for android and make my PC themes be different. Was hoping putting those files on the internal of the shield would override what was on the external drive but it seems the external is taking priority.

what do you mean by your themes dont work? What's it doing?

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badhemi cheers for the themes any chance you could share your ini files too. PLEASE

Post #9 has badhemi's settings files link and it you look at the android base pack linked in first post you will find a cleaned up version with all RocketLauncher and filter preference's removed. For I hope easier setup.

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​Thanks thatman84 i have that pack but some ini files are missing and these are the ones i need like GOG,Popcap,Bigfish Games.I have fifty systems set up with media.Forty seven systems working so far and counting thanks to this forum 

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