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  1. How to setup steam?

    Good to know. That will be $20 dollars please. Don't take to long or the Pig will want his cut too.
  2. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    Have you guys gotten drunk and pee'd on your setup recently? Any demonic possessions in the family or history of serial killing? Could be any of those so it's hard to say. The only other thing that can cause it is a cheating spouse or child secretly hooked on meth. Good luck!
  3. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    You're the bestest, most dopest pig ever Giga. I new there was a reason I liked you so much! ...And supporters section? Do I have a section in there or did it get put under someones else's name?
  4. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    Well my original link to it is in this very thread. Post #12 I believe (although its hard to say because it looks like they removed the post #'s?), but that link is now broken... as I imagine a huge amount of other useful links on the site will be. You can also search for "hyperspin transtion pack" in the search bar above and mine will be the 3rd option down after yours. However I did find that sometimes a search pulls them up, sometimes it says nothing matches.
  5. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    Totally agree. And to be honest this one feels like one needless change to many... Everything about this site seems to keep getting consistently worse, harder to use, more fractured etc... it was so much better when I joined a couple years ago then it is today. Now it looks worse, is harder to use, way harder to search for stuff, is now full of broken links, missing stuff, packed with sub-categories buried within sub-categories many of which shouldn't exist in the first place etc... The download section was bad before, but now they've spammed it with user section stuff? Honestly this latest change about makes me want to walk away, and especially not contribute if stuff is just going to get deleted , removed or buried under bad design anyway. Bums me out.
  6. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    I found yours giga... but that's not the 90ish missing transitions from the original that I uploaded a while back. Those just seem to be gone?
  7. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    Jesus what happened to this place? Site was re-designed to be as difficult to use as possible? Someone PM'd me because they can't find this transition pack I uploaded. I went to grab it for him and I can't find it either. The download section is a crazy wreck of categories with a ton of individual user categories now? Why the hell? I can find a post about it from when I uploaded it using search, but clicking on that just says "Not Authorized" and doesn't go anywhere.
  8. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    @billpa nice. That Mixed pack is the one I re-added to the Platinum section. Nice to see a video with the names attached. next time I'm looking for a specific one that will save me a bunch of time
  9. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    Not that I know of. They are more of a finishing touch type of thing, you wouldn't want to get a membership just for those.
  10. PC Game Mapping

    I'm not sure what you're showing us here. Instead of just setting up & binding controls on a per-game basis you're using a single VJoy profile... or something? The only PC games I've ever run across that seem to require VJoy to work are MKX and SFV (if you're using a keyboard encoder).
  11. You didn't say what it is actually doing. Is it giving you an error on screen? Is it crashing or not responding etc... What did your Hyperspin log tell you?
  12. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    And did you check in RocketLauncher to make sure your extensions are correct? Should be under the global emulator section if I remember right.
  13. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    You're using HyperLaunch? Are you saying you're having trouble with HyperLaunch or with HyperSpin exactly?
  14. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    It was working and now its not? Have you checked your antivirus to see if it has quarantined any files? And you said they work through RocketLauncher, but not through HyperSpin... so why did you try reinstalling RocketLauncher if that isn't what was giving you the problem? Did you re-follow the install guide when you did it? Have you already checked to make sure that RL and HS are linked properly? You've checked to make sure it isn't something simple like not having your A button setup to start games in HyperHQ? etc...