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First Time Build! Pedestal Arcade!


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Well i just built my first mini hyperpin cab http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?26494-My-Small-Hyperpin-Cab!-Tell-Me-what-you-think! so I said what the hell and decided to go ahead and build a HyperSpin cab while I'm at it.

Designed after a "funglo/MonsterArcade Pedestal Cab" that i have been looking at for some time. I didnt want to dedicate my 40" lcd that that I also use on my driving cockpit that i build some years back so with a pedestal cab I can just move it back and forth. It's built out of 3/4" birch with led buttons, Paradise Arcade's RGB joysticks and also a 3" trackball. Ipac2 encoder and two led-wizs. They will control all the lights for the buttons and joysticks as well as a BUNCH of led RGB strip lighting that will be all under and around the cab. I'm also going to cut out the front and inlay plexi that will be lit by the RGB lighting too. There will be a 8" sub with two 5 1/4" kicker car speakers ran by a 400w car amp. I want to make it look like a tank with tracks at the bottom because my Pinball cab looks like a WWII plane. I made the plans in Illustrator if anybody wants them.



Finally got it painted with Duplicolor Paintshop Paint. Came out pretty good I think. Wiring up the control panel is something i only want to do once in my life. I plan on wrapping it in graphics later but for know i think it is ok.





















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first of all, id like to say, BEAUTIFUL BUILD!. Ive been eyeing a design like that for quite awhile. I dont want to be the guy that pops up and asks for stuff. Im a big reader on these forums. I noticed u said youd be happy to share these plans. May in inquire about how i can get a hold of these plans? Id like to dabble and see what i can do with them. Ive buit two cabinets and im getting better with each one. If youd be willing to share them, id love them. Thanks. Perhaps through email? or would you like to post them here? Thank you and id be happy to share my results with you when finished! (some day)

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Hey aldub516. The laptop hardrive I had the plans on took a dump. I was unable to get any info off the hard drive at all. If u want I will make something in illustrator with the rough outside dimensions if u want? Let me know. Also will post some updated pics of it later.

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Here is the link for the drawings. It is a Adobe Illustrator file and u can use the measurement tool to get all dimensions. It is drawn 1 to 1.: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0lyx1equm3bhy5/Arcade%20Cab%20Drawings.ai

This is not any one persons design but something I just thought up on my own and is styled after a funglo cab.

Alright these are by no means real "cad" drawings. I only made them to see if the proportions of the cab I had in my head looked good before I cut any wood. I dont know how you all do your drawings but when i build something it is all in my head and just design as I go. These are a rough drawing of the cutouts and outside dimensions. Also the bottom has a 3" curtain on mine which allows 2 1/2" casters to be put on the bottom and not be seen. I made the whole thing out of 3/4" birch because "most" arcade accessories are designed for 3/4" material. You will need to compensate for 3/4" material or whatever you use thought-out the drawings. MEASURE 4 TIMES, CUT ONCE. Also two 4'x8' sheets of plywood WILL build this if you plan your cuts out.

The front plexi glass is inlay-ed into the wood and led RGB strips at the top and bottom to light it up. There is a backing board of 1/4 material that holds that in place as you can see in these pics:


The led RGB strips on the side are inlay-ed into the wood so they aren't so noticeable as in these pics:


The paint I used was Duplicolor paint shop pro from Advanced Auto Parts. I used 3 quarts of primer and 3 quarts of the Jet black to spray it. It is a lacquer and will buff out to a show car shine if you want it to. I liked it satin so I didn't touch it after I sprayed it. The paint is VERY forgiving if you dont know exactly how to spray a gun so always overlap the last pass 50% and keep an even distance from the material with the spray gun head square to the surface. Also if your not going to use Formica, I would suggest bondo to cover all screw holes and then use "finishing" putty to skim all the outside wood surfaces then sand it to make all the surfaces "uniform". I sanded the bondo, wood with 180 grit and finshing putty and primer with 320 grit. Also make sure you use plenty of screws on all the joints you are going to hide with bondo as if you don't it will cause them to crack over time and look like crap. Paint will be way cheaper than Formica but more work.

The back fans are 80mm computer fans nothing special. The top speakers are 5 1/4" Lanzar from partsexpress.com and the sub is a 8" generic sub from partsexpress.com and a lepai LP-168HA 2.1 amp with Toshiba 15v laptop power supply running the amp but I HIGHLY recommend getting a 80hz crossover for the amp as without it, it allows to many of the highs bleed over into the sub. I was going to go all polk audio on this thing but I PROMISE this is all you need. I have XBMC setup as my jukebox software and Def Leppard will ROCK on this thing. Plan your sub box around the sub, all subs have diffrent air sapce requirements ported and sealed. My sub is tuned just for that sub with no "booming" at all.

Also the control panel I strapped together as you can see in this picture. I only used one at each joint but at least use 2 or 3 because mine did crack after moving around (I'll eventually wrap it so not a big problem).


Button layout I did on the fly just playing with a pencil till I liked it then i used a fostner bit to cut all holes. The joysticks are inlay-ed from the bottom 1/4" to give more "stick" showing. The trackball is an X-Arcade one inlay-ed from the bottom and as you can see in this pic I mounted with straps so no hardware is seen from the top. It is more than strong enough and will not move, even when I'm drunk and slam it. :P


Here is some more random pics:


Need anything else just ask. And sorry if the "drawings" aren't up to snuff. I'll be more than happy to measure anything else if you want. Also I did lose the original drawings in a hard drive crash which were a little more advanced then this but just dont have the time to replicate them right now but if you can wait after christmas I might have the time to actually make something in Sketch-Up that will be a little more "cad" like





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Also tell me if this helps any of you. I am thinking that I may have bit my tongue to soon and you all thank these drawings are something they are not.

@sandman: The reason I built this is becasue i dint want to pay 2000 dollars for one. its probably all partical board and not worth a damn. Also more satisfaction.

@Polemicist: The kid loves it and ALWAYS wants to play on it. I cant wait till we can play together though.

@djvj: all you have done to make hyperspin what it is, glad i could help you (that goes to all of you too, just djvj has help me on some stuff directly). By the way do you keep your f710's in x mode on most of the emulators that allow it?

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I changed the drawings with dimensions added now sorry I found a plugin for illustrator called cadtools that I could put dimensions on the drawing just now. Dropbox updated!!

One more thing. Make sure to not permanently attach the top control panel from the bottom pedestal part. If you do it WILL NOT fit through interior doors in your house. My door frames measure 29 1/2" and I had to remove the doors from the hinges to get it into my office. It is a REAL TIGHT squeeze if you remove the control panel and lay the pedestal on its side. The side "kickers" were the diamond plate are on is not removable on mine but like i said it will fit if you just are careful when moving through doors.

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I did it because it is somewhat "out of the box" and I like it because it is easy to work on also (upright is probably easy too but don't own one). I know peds have been around awhile but arcades around here don't even have one of them. I think eventually I will make some kind of box to mount a flat panel in, then it will become sort of a viewlix cab.

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