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Help needed picking a theme


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Don't worry it's not another plea for someone to make them artwork I should be ok with that what I need is a Name/theme I have to many ideas to pin one down,

As well as the marque,side art,cp art

I also want to cut a shape out of the

Front so you can see the PC and I want to backlight it.

Here's the machine to give you inspiration

It's got a high end PC for new games

And old games,it also has a xbox 360 fitted for Rockband etc

I like comic book, stuff, fighting games,sci fi

Thank you in advance I'll give the best idea full credit in my build post






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Automobile black, with a gloss white trim. This should be easy to maintain, scuff marks etc.

The first objective is to see what the missus will allow. You don't won't to keep it hidden in the "never used room" forever, especially not after all this hard work you're putting into it.

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Well I know where you coming from here's what ive been designing I'm only a novice with photoshop but I'm liking the final creation


attempt 1 bad I know


attempt 2 better but still not great


The one I'm going with it may give you some insperation :) just gotta do all the rest of it now sides kick plate and marque or however you spell it:) as for the cab im thinking black not sure which with gold t moulding, it's gonna be fun.

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