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47/30/19 Widebody build


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Updated 04/10/11

Uploaded a video of flashers in action. Shot with my phone and it was daylight, but you'll get the picture :)



Updated 03/05/11

One of the things I need is my Ledwiz to arrive to take control over the buttons, Cree's etc. been waiting for that thing to arrive for three weeks now :(

Also I ordered 3 10" case fans to cool things down.

After that I can start on the artwork.


Updated 02/19/11

Front nearly finished


Updated 02/17/11

Got the RGB leds and the CREE's, damn those things are BRIGHT !

Experimented with some different voltages to see the effect, I noticed they have a small range in which they operate btw.

Just like the warning said, don't look into them. Of course I had to try and now I see black spots everywhere I look LOL

Also found out one of the CREE's is mounted up side down, so + = - and - = +


RGB Button test.



Started with the woodwork.

Removed the old plunger hole and lowered it.

Now more sanding, filling, sanding, basepainting, sanding etc etc....



Updated 02/09/11

First three screen trial run.

Everything almost worked out of the box. Just a few tweaks with resolution settings to get HP, FP and VP running.


UPDATED 02/03/2011

Got my 30" and 19" today. Took me a 4 hour drive, but heck, that's worth it.

Removed the bezel from the 30". It fits snugly in the translite with only 1/64" to spare.

On the 19" the bezel stays mounted.



Finally my buttons came in from Pinballlife. However, I had some sort of brainfart, because I forgot these flipperbuttons come without a nut. No worries tho, they sell them over here at a local shop. Phew.


Embedded frontbuttons today : IMG_1453.jpgIMG_1455.jpg

Mounted bottom buttons for computer start, reset and turn tv on (in case it's needed)


Bought a subwoofer and two small speakers for the translite


Of course a powercord :


UPDATED : 01/30/2011

Built the puter on a rail through the coindoor opening. Still awaiting my second gts450.


Fitted the screen. I ordered 1" transparent buttons with RGB leds, so they should fit.

I'll have to lower the plunger though.


Front buttons arrived yesterday :


Will be installing a Firebuster, just in case Fireball actually gets lit :)



K, the first pictures are in.

Still a TON of work to do and a lot of waiting for ordered parts.




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This makes me real sad...

I think it's a stupid idea to rip a working pinball machine to build a virtual one.

It's like ripping apart an original Ferrari in good shape just to get the wheels and the doors for a new replika...

The replika or the virtual thing, how good it ever will be, will never beat the real thing....

However I wish you much fun in building your virtual machine...

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I most likely have found a good home for the playfield and electronics.

I had to trash a cab since it's nearly impossible to find decent siderails and lockbar over here.

And siderails from overseas are way to expensive as almost no one wants to ship those long things.

Pure economics.

I agree it's a sting in the heart for cab-lovers, but the cab itself turned out not to be in such a good shape as posted earlier.

Especially the back part and back bottom-floor part are rotting and need to be replaced.

The power supply was manhandled same as the print connected to it, both were unreliable and needed to be replaced. All the connectors going to it were cut of and wires are directly soldered to the print.

But what does one expect from a pinball machine that old huh.

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Once there was a small amusement dealer in Germany who said to a friend of mine: "Before I will sell the old cabs to anyone, i'll rather wreck them with a sledgehammer". Well, so he did, a dew days later you could see the cabs in the backyard, wrecked... :(

On german he said: "Bevor irgendso ein Sammler oder Flipperjunkie die bekommt, hau ich die selber mit 'nem Vorschlaghammer platt!"

Gues he could not stand the thought, that somebody else could bring them to a new life, while he wasn't able to. Or he was afraid that someone would just play for free at home, instead of getting to his local...

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lol, yeah, the nips always distracted me from doing actually anything useful on the cab lolol.

If one lifted her top, you could see she was al groped and smudgy underneath. Every friend I that came over the past years just HAD to touch her lmao.

Now she's goners. I've found a better and warmer home for her.

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I was thinking about making some sort of slide out for the PC like that. How is that working for you? Any issues with cables? Did you put the fans directly under it or further back in the cab?

Also, any issues you ran into putting it that far forward?--ie: I assume you need longer cables

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Hey Zablon,

It works quite well actually. Only problem is that I need to disconnect the DVI, HDMI and VGA cables when sliding it out.

Just make sure you place the rails as far left as possible.

Indeed I needed longer cables for the two back monitors, but these can be found easily at your local electronics shop.

Another hickup was the cable connecting the buttons on the underside of my cab going to the motherboard. Made it a tad longer and there is enough room to extend the rail.

I replaced the soundcard a few days ago and was really happy with the computer sliding out. That saved me from pulling out the main LCD.

At that moment I knew I won :D

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Guest gstav

Hi Nuhimah! Your cab really turned out great! :D Love the vid!

One q though: where can I buy that fire extinguisher, and how does it work?


cheers! /g

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I bought this one in a local electronics store. hard to find online actually.

I've found similar devices.




There is a heat sensitive fuse attached. That will make the two containers inside explode.

These expel a substance NOT taking away the O2 but do molecular bonding connecting free radicals, thus extinguishing the fire.

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