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  1. Thanks, for the updates @thatman84. Do you think development is gradual/stalled because of the lack of interest, lack of time, or lack of programmers? The 4:3 themes were good for a time but the future is 16:9. I really just need to get a new background bookshelf image for my D&D System but I just don't have the tools to create something better than what I am already using. I need to hit someone up who has the artists tools and interest in D&D but I also wanted to make sure the work I am doing will comply with the new widescreen parameters.
  2. Hey guys, I know this may be a sensitive subject so my apologies in advance but, I haven't heard much or seen any development updates for anything in quite some time including Hyperbase Live (I thought this was possibly being released nearly a year ago) Widescreen Themes (Don't know what may be going on with this) Hyperspin (latest was the Windows 10 fix) Rocket Launcher (nothing since maybe Jan 2017) Are some of these on hold, abandoned, or considered finished? I am very eager to continue my widescreen D&D development but wanted to hold off until I know further if some of these projects are nearing a release or update or the team is moving in a different direction. Again my apologies if this has been discussed at length in another thread. I really do appreciate everything you all do It's given me many long hours of happiness and focus away from life's frustrating displeasures.
  3. Thanks, this thread is working for me again... weird. I converted all my PNGs to JPGs then back to PNGs using this FREE converter and it now works AWESOME! https://sourceforge.net/projects/bulkimageconver/ I also finally got Sophos to stop being a huge PITA and ignore the Hyperspin files. Thanks everyone for the help!
  4. Did something happen to the HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release thread? I keep getting a "You don't have permission to view this content" error. I was going to report back that I converted all my D&D images to JPG then back to PNG and it's working awesome now.

    1. thatman84


      Glad it’s all sorted. I tagged you in the thread to see if you can reply

  5. Thanks for doing this @thatman84 I will begin bulk converting all the files from PNG to JPG then back to PNG; although I don't remember saving JPGs to PNGs originally. The next step is to get Sophos to play nice with these files but I don't expect that to be an easy task.
  6. In order for me to attach here, I included only about half the original images in the originals folder plus about 20 that were converted from PNG to JPG back to PNG. If you want the whole system let me know. Thanks! Dungeons_&_Dragons_Hyperspin_-_Complete.rar
  7. Well, that's the system files. You'd have to download the wheel images and the other component separately. I can provide you with an archive with all components of the system all ready to go if you'd like .
  8. I converted about 20 images to JPG then back the PNG but can't get the new Hyperspin to even download now. Everything is turned off but I guess Malwarebytes and/or Sophos is running the background. I can give you the D&D system complete archive with the new converted images to test with if you'd like. You'll have to set it up as per the instructions. The link to the HyperspinHQ setup is
  9. I would have to run all my images through a PNG to JPG converter then back again to find out. It wasn't simply the center image that gets skewed, however. The other images are all somewhat moved to the right and the top of the larger center image starts at the same position as the smaller images. It's all out of whack. In any case, it's real difficult to test since I use Sophos AV. Sophos freaks out over the new Hyperspin.exe files regardless of how much I tell it to ignore the files and folders. It wipes out the files almost instantly.
  10. Dungeons & Dragons... if you've ever played any role playing games, check it out Dungeons & Dragons - Manuals & Modules PDF Main Menu and System Themes
  11. My D&D System uses a horizontal wheel so I think that is the real problem. I'll try bulk converting all the images to JPG then bulk converting them back to PNG but I really don't think that will do any good. My Sophos AV really hates the new hyperspin.exe and doesn't care one bit how many times I tell it to exclude these files and folders from scan. This makes it really difficult to do anything with Hyperspin anyways.
  12. Did you have to open each file individually or somehow do it in bulk?
  13. I use Sophos AV and had the Hyperspin folder on exception for the past few years with no issues. With the latest Hyperspin build, Sophos freaks out and constantly removes the 3 main EXE files from the Hyperspin folder. I even told Sophos to exclude these specific EXEs and it still doesn't care. I'll just await an update that fixes all these issues.
  14. Glad you hear you got it all worked out, I was just looking into all your questions. I haven't played any of these in quite some time but I do know the TriForce games all work on my machine. I play VS3 through the Naomi emulator on my Hyperspin machine but, for most all Naomi games, I use a Marvel vs Capcom 2 machine with a Net DIMM. EDIT: You should let the guys over at RocketLauncher know that using a sleep timer helps with the sound so they can maybe implement it into the AHK script.
  15. View File Window 10 Arcade Classics Desktop Theme I created this desktop theme for Windows 10 from images found around the internet and use them for my arcade cabinet. I take no credit for any of the images but thought I would share the theme in case anyone's interested. Most images are 1920x1080 except for 2 that are a bit bigger and don't look that good scaled down. I also included a VBS script that makes the desktop wallpaper rotate to the next random image and a shortcut to this script that makes it easy to double-click and run the script. You may need to make your own or edit the shortcut depending on where you move the VBS script but I included it for completeness. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any issues with the theme. Submitter malarrya Submitted 05/27/2018 Category HyperSpin File Count 3 Credits  
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