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  1. Loving that this is still going!

  2. New wheel animations look great! Thanks!
  3. Loved your video, found it very interesting and awesome!
  4. 146 downloads

    Updates can be found here: all credits go to the author for this amazing piece of work. I'm just uploading this Nintendo Screen Saver 2015 ---- Installation Instructions ---- 1. Move the "Nintendo Saver.scr" file to your "C:/Windows/System32" directory. (On older versions of Windows, you may need to place the file in your "C:/Windows/System" directory.) 2. Configure the Nintendo Screen Saver through the usual Windows Screen Saver dialog: a. Right-click on your Windows desktop. b. Click the "Properties" menu item. c. Click the "Screen Saver" tab. d. Select "Nintendo Saver" from the list of available screen savers. e. Click the "Settings" button to view the Nintendo Screen Saver options window f. Follow the instructions displayed on the window to complete the installation ---- Thanks: blaarg - For NTSC filter (http://www.slack.net.../libs/ntsc.html) Maxim Stepin - For hqx image filters (http://www.hiend3d.com/hq3x.html) Banshaku, Shamus, thefox - For helpful suggestions, debugging ---- For more information: UberNES homepage: http://www.ubernes.com Nintendo Saver homepage: http://www.ubernes.com/nesscreensaver.html
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