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  1. Hello first thx 4 database and you hard work, plis tell me where unzip this folder mame 1.81 in database only im fresh, green 4 this HS thx ?? 

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    2. KRIS85


      Thanks for the quick answer but i have 1 Question and i think last problem :
       My HS not see all roms in Mame 182 but HLHQ,RL Etc see all roms wth i copy mame182 file in database zip, unziped  and still do not see ?? game only 10 game see :(

      If I go in the wheel in the super nintendo, and after leaving the HS my mouse when you try to entry into any folder behaves strangely, it means I click a folder left the show to me the properties of the folder etc and only restart Pc helps happens only at the entrance to Super Nintendo in HS?
      First time I have a strange problem with the HS

      Question Whether the HS can turn on the meter,counter etc game to make sure that the HS See all my roms ??

      I'm sorry for whining ;)


    3. r0man0


      Ok , to be properly scan by HS & RL , your databases folder may have only the xml file. , HL , HS or RL won't scan any others files extensions (zip or 7z) or any folders.

      I'm not sure but your error is maybe you have unzip a folder inside your hyperspin/mame/ folder...


      For your mouse problem with super nintendo , the module launched by HS or RL is maybe still active after exit HS/Emulator , and maybe this module contains Hotkeys that affect your mouse buttons.

      I don't use RL for HS (but a personal HL script) , so i don't know where you have to tell RL to stop the module when exiting emulator. But I can check your SuperNintendo module if necessary.


    4. KRIS85


      Thx but i config zip,rar, 7zip etc and see only 10 game 7zip, Only HS not see other roms in mame HLHQ,RL see all game and only mame wheel not see roms but if a change in Hyper HQ filter Roms only see this 10 roms but if I do not I check this option to see all the roms that is normal.
      It would not be a problem if I had all the roms but not all want to be because I want to see only the wheel roms which have.

      Unzip this folder hyperspin/mame/ folder, and database etc and this same see only 10 games ;(

      Strange thing now as I wanted to introduce you to ss or video everything works and nothing happens with the mouse oO :P


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