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  1. Hello first thx 4 database and you hard work, plis tell me where unzip this folder mame 1.81 in database only im fresh, green 4 this HS thx ?? 

    1. r0man0


      Hi , this archive must not been unziped in mame folder , this archive contains all kind of list with differents filters , they have to be selected about what you prefer , then you have to copy & paste them :

      If you have a mame folder into your hyperspin/databases , you can pick a list from mame xml full list and replace it instead of your existing mame.xml ,

      you can also add any different lists from mame xml full lists  , in this case pick them and add them into your hyperspin/databases/mame folder , don't forget also to add all your genre lists picked into the genre.xml file otherwise hyperspin will not show them.

      good luck,


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