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  1. the emumovies work off the same naming convention that the hyperspin wheel does. hypersync is one stop shopping. as long as your rom names are good, everything will sync... art and emumovies videos
  2. 1) your rom names will need to match the hyperspin XML files... but this can be done autmatically in minutes using Don's Rom Renamer 2) The art/videos wont sync and the games might not play when selected from the hyperspin wheel 3) Using hypersync, you can choose what you want to sync... videos, box art, catridge art, wheel art and you can do it all the way down to a game by game basis In my opinion, hypersync is well worth the membership. no downloading tons of media, no chasing down errors, nos etting a million things. in 15 minutes or less you can have several emulators set up with full art, themes, and videos. and its SUPER easy. In general, here is kind of a step by step on getting everything(wheel art for every system/game, cartdige art/videos for every system game) done soup to nuts 1) download a non-intro rom set, or place all your roms into a folder 2) Use Don's rom renamer to rename all the roms to match the hyperspin XML 3) use hypersync to get all of the art assigned to all your systems/games on the wheel/hyperspin menus i did the following for NES/SNES/Genesis in 20 minutes. it is really pretty simple using those 2 tools
  3. I'll be doing an install start to finish next week on a brand new win7 install, i can make a step by step video. anyone have any recommendations for software to record my live desktop while i do everything?
  4. are you still having trouble with this? I can try and help you out.
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