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  1. You are correct, it won't help with XML
  2. Hi Shitoken, I used Bulk Rename Utility pretty frequently, for other purposes. It really works well and seems like it might fit what you're looking for. https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/
  3. I would update MAME, there have been some huge improvements since 0.145. However (!) I would follow his wigglyness' advice and upgrade HS + RL first, point them to your existing MAME install and get that working first. The new version of MAME + ROMs will just be a drop in after that point.
  4. No, but it would be really easy to make.
  5. Assuming RocketLauncher bezels (more than safe, I'd think), try changing the bezels to backgrounds. Not with my setup right now, but a quick search on RL's site should give you some options/guidance. I'm wondering if the bezel overlaying the sides of the screen is interfering.
  6. Make sure you have the following line in your mame.ini: writeconfig 1 Without that line set to "1," MAME cannot save your config changes as made from the internal menus.
  7. The full MAME ROMset is the 9K you see, however a TON of those are either gambling, mahjong, mature, or clones (variants) thereof. Assuming you're only interested in arcade video games, I like to think there's probably around 900 unique titles of which maybe 400 - 500 are worth playing. I'd suggest using a filtered XML to show only arcade video games, and then (assuming you have time) start playing through some of the titles you don't recognize to see if you'd like to keep them in the list. Don's HyperSpin Tools is an application you may use to create a custom, curated XML that includes only what you want. Or you could do it by hand, but that's more work. Check my signature for an example of a best-of list... but read the description for mine, it's got some caveats around what's excluded.
  8. Honestly sounds like you're having a strange hardware problem.. could be true hardware or could be drivers. Whatever front end you use will have the same problem. For Windows itself to be having issues (calibration page in device manager is blank, etc.) something else is going on. Try removing the wheel entirely... go to just keyboard and see what happens. Need to isolate the issue.
  9. If anyone decides to go the HLSL route, let me know... like dark said, there are some different options. Also, heads up on some rumors I'm hearing within the MAME developers group. Some users (not sure who) are complaining about some lag with BGFX (first I've heard of this) so they may make changes to it in the near future. Not trying to push people one way or the other, just give a heads up so that as we upgrade to new versions we do so with caution to keep things working how we want them to.
  10. Are you using bezels via MAME or RocketLauncher?
  11. It's just a long name that I can never remember or want to spell out completely. Yes, it has terrific startup functionalities.
  12. Seriously, though... check out Tur-Volume: It's a fantastic program that I think is a must use for anyone running HyperSpin (or any front end, for that matter). It'll do what you're looking for and much more.
  13. nvram files are generated when you run games in MAME. Not all games create them, though.
  14. I've seen the same issue with corrupt themes, but never wheel art. Try replacing the themes for those games.
  15. This won't be an issue with HyperSpin, but may be an issue with your antivirus program. It'll have alarm bells going off when one program calls another (ie HyperSpin calling RocketLauncher to invoke an emulator). Make sure you have AV exclusions on place for both HyperSpin and RocketLauncher .exe files and folders.
  16. Happy new year! Resolution: get back to bezels
  17. I use GiMP for my creation / editing. You can script bulk changes, if you want. YMMV, though. I'm not sure if it'd work well. I'm at the point in my life where I'd weigh the time and effort and probably say screw it and buy a 16:9 to fit the norm, though
  18. Yes, but by using HyperRefresh, you can have the machine running even when no one's playing it. Set it to a 12 hour restart and let it go.
  19. Good to see you again, it's been a while! You might have missed this utility:
  20. You should go back to the seller for support... HyperSpin is free, not officially sold on any drives, etc. We can't provide support for some custom compilation.
  21. What if you're both playing the same game at the same time?
  22. I'm interested in playing around with this in my setup. Where would you insert this code? This is the only "bug" i've experienced in the past... would be great to have a solution to it. Thanks!
  23. For these, you need a copy of the "cinematic" theme file, which basically does nothing but run the video at full screen. Check the cinematic themes in the download section, you should be able to repurpose one from there.
  24. You could write a script that would parse / mine the files in RocketLauncher\Data\Statistics and then edit a secondary copy of an xml to only have the top 10 active? Or you could try and parse it for more titles than that, but then that's getting more complicated. That could be cool, actually... I don't have time right now, but that seems totally doable with a little time to script and test.
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