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**UPDATED** Custom Sized Lockdown Bars $75!

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A month ago I sent a PM and a email to the address provided in post #121. I also visited the website and sent a email there also. I never recieved a response so someone else got my money ... thanks for letting me know how your business is run.

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Hi, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I had started building a pinball cabinet before I realized there was already standard sizes and schematics (or even full kits) available and by the time I was knee deep in cut maple plywood I realized I was going to be in trouble when it came to the lockdown bar. I saw this old thread and reached out to Jack hoping he was still around.

Not only did he deliver, but WOW I couldn't be more impressed with the results. My cabinet is about 75% complete, I need to mount bezels around the playfield/backglass, install light bars, wire up solenoids, wire up LEDWIZ, print up artwork etc, etc. However I thought I'd share a few pics of the bar to let people know how high quality these custom bars are.

Jack is providing a real service to the pinball community. This thing fits like a glove, it's smooth as silk, it arrived in maybe 3 weeks (to Canada), and the price was more then fair. Thank you Jack! This thing is seriously awesome!






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We have been too busy with our regular game business and have to end the bar portion of our business. Current orders have come in and will be mailed out next week.

Once again, we will no longer be selling lock down bars.



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