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  1. Thanks Lucky for all your work with these tournaments !!
  2. Evening everyone! I missed you guys! Love this game.... probably my all time fav.
  3. Poll for HS challenge # 57

    Loved alley cat
  4. Yep. Quite relaxing to watch someone do it so well.
  5. Poll for HS challenge # 56

    I'm going to Greece for a holiday for the next 6 weeks. Unfortunately will sit this out ! Happy gaming!
  6. Wow that's incredible. I'm just trying to stay alive in the first round! top stuff Avar
  7. Clearly I'm struggling here. I have fond memories of Probotector. I would spend hours at my cousins house playing it!
  8. You are only allowed to use an original nes controller via the blissbox /hehe
  9. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    I'll take another look. Feel like an idiot
  10. So just confirming, this is not the famicom version?
  11. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Are you peeps using bsnes to run these? I can't to seem to get this working using bsnes (retroarch) but can run them using a version of snes9x.
  12. This is great!!! Haha! Where can I download this?
  13. Thanks guys! Had a good time with this one. I didn't like it at all at first but it really grew on me!! Cheers for organising the comp Lucky and thanks everyone for having a play!