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  1. Hyperspin Lightgun Cab

  2. House of the dead 3 and aimtrak controls

    I am resetting rl up. When I set key 1 for player 1 start it shows it. When I launch the game it’s still using enter. Player 2 sets properly. Right now I am just testing via launching my ahh script and will use that with pc launcher
  3. House of the dead 3 and aimtrak controls

    Mine won’t let me change start key for player 1 from enter. I have both guns working fine though
  4. combining all gun games from all platforms

    The xml is in the thread I posted. So I would urge you to review the entire thread.
  5. combining all gun games from all platforms

    Have a look here at this Looking at Building Custom Aimtrak Wheel for myself
  6. House of the dead 3 and aimtrak controls

    I use demulshooter instead now a days. I got rid of troubleshooter. I would test that.
  7. Dynamo Showcase 4-Player Cab

    That is a Monster! Nice work!
  8. Borntula gets first so far with his 2534.. 1 freaking banana!!!!
  9. The one I saw was a glitches TAS run. Some of the things done didn't work so the score on the first board repeat and die thing didn't work out for me at least dying took too much time, if you can make that work have at it, would be curious to see your findings, I found a combination of just getting shortcuts and as far as I can works best for me so far.
  10. Getting better Thanks lucky for keeping up on this. I know i missed a few but I am ready to suck at video games again and have fun doing It!