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:thrasher:OK, time to start my 10 year project. lol Thx to all the studs on here with their great builds, I hope mine can turn out just as nice. This is my first hobby project and first time being involved in threads and forums. I was scared to start something with no manual but I figured with so much support on here how can I go wrong. A lot of the parts list is what I want, not what I have. I will update this first page as I go if anything changes and as parts come in slowly. I have a short leash with the wife cause we have a two year old and another one on the way due in June. My goal is to have it done by the time they can reach the flippers ha ha. So here we go:


(2)- 3/4" 4x8 MDF ULTRA Lite (3x lighter then MDF) got it from a local molding company

(2)- Cam locks- home depot

(2)- Piano hinges (well one long one from home depot cut in half)

Williams Real coin door

(2)- intake fans . Enermax 80mm from newegg.com recommended by DeeGor

(5)-out take fans. 3 Rosewill 220mm blue leds from newegg.com recommended by DeeGor and (2) 80mm fans from a old computer.

22" Solf close drawer for PC

(2)- Flipper buttons

Williams Black legs

Williams wide body lockdown bar 24''

Black side rails

Black trim 3/4'' T-molding with a chrome strip in the middle, around backbox.

Zeb's Digital Plunger.

Williams Start button

Williams extra ball button

and a exit button. (Pinball Sucks button)


This is a pc giving to me from my mother-in-law, i hope it's good enough.

Windows Vista Home Gateway

Premium 64 bit with SP1

NVIDIA Geforce

G210 512 mb

Intel Core 2 quad

Processor Q8400


750 GB

I bought a EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Superclocked 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Video Card


46" Samsung LED smart tv, 1080p. UN46F6300.Craigslist $480

32" Samsung from Craigslist- $50. no cord , no remote, no problem. hehe


(2)- NEW PAIR BOSS SK552 5.25" 2 WAY 250W CAR AUDIO SPEAKERS 250 WATT 5 1/4. Skull heads.

(1)- 10" sub woofer from my old surround sound.

(1) New Boss Epic Ce404 400 Watt 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier Power Ab Amp Mosfet

Force Feedback:thrasher:

TOPOWER Nano Series TOP-800WB 800W ATX12V v2.3 SLI CrossFire 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

Vishay Plasma DMD

DMD piggyback board

80v/100v Transformer

RussDX's PinDMD2 to control the DMD

LEDWiz for force feedback and lighting

Ultimarc IPAC2 USB interface for buttons contractors

Williams Replay Knocker AE-26-1200

Zebs New Virtual Output Kit

Zebs Resistor board

Zebs shaker,gear motor combo with speed control.

Zebs 24'' Light bar.

Zebs (1) pair of Strobes


Custom artwork by dfwArcade

Printed by Lucian045

About a year and a half ago I was looking for a pinball machine for my father-in-law when I ran across a machine that said "100 games in 1" . I looked into it and found vpfourms, and hyperspin and its been all down hill from there. ;).

I spent alot of sleepless nights, fights with the wife:girlshit:, no blood, alittle tears from staring at the computer screen:pcguru:, almost throwing the computer through the window and even stole:creep: my 6 month old kid's 26" TV off his wall (no more elmo). I thought this day would never come because it took me a month just to get all the files lined up to get a table to work in hyperpin:banghead:. Once I got one table running it was over, I have 102 tables on the wheel with all the images. I was happy with my little set up on the coffee table and everyone who came over was so impressed. I was playing Rolling stones and it hit me , Why dont they have a Metallica Pin yet? If Stern did make one, that would be my first NIB purchase. So I decided to make one myself with a little twist. What if i combined my two favorite artist: METALLICA and MICHAEL GODARD?




If you dont know M.Godard, he is famous for his Martini/Wine paintings and making the Grapes/Olives come to life. Anything you are into he has olives doing it; NASCAR, rafting, strip clubs, horses, golf, poker, football, basketball, gambling, vegas ect.. He is the Rockstar of the Art world!!

When you put the two together you get this:


and then after dfwArcade gets a hold of it, it comes out like this!!



I tried to put as many album titles and names of songs as possible. If you know Metallica, it shouldn't be hard to see them.

On the left side you have:

From Whom the Bell Tolls

Trapped Under Ice

Ride The Lightning


Kill em' All

Jump in the Fire

King Nothing

Fade to Black.

Right side has:

No Leaf Clover

Welcome Home Sanitarium

..And Justice for All

Some Kind Of Monster

Black Album

Master Of Puppets

Fade To Black

I wanted the artwork to be special because its going to be the first thing people see.

Now that I have the artwork done, my plan is to get all the parts for the cabinet first, cut all the notches, holes and slots then apply the artwork so it looks good sitting their as I work on the inside and all the trouble shooting.:proud:

I know, it seems like I am working ass backwards doing the artwork first but thats what makes these builds so cool, everyone is different but we all have the same goal. I am Happy I made it this far and can't wait for the challenges to come. I'll update the thread as I go. :thrasher::thrasher::thrasher::thrasher:

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It's alive!! Hey Eddie, great back ground story on the build. A true full circle on the theme. Good to see Metalliball on the forums. Can't wit to see it skinned on the cab.

It was a true pleasure getting your idea made into a truly custom kick ass design. The pin dudes have been one of my favorites to make so far. They're some intense rockin' dudes.

Thanks again for the work and keep the posts coming. Rock On! All the best!!


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It's alive!! Hey Eddie, great back ground story on the build. A true full circle on the theme. Good to see Metalliball on the forums. Can't wit to see it skinned on the cab.

It was a true pleasure getting your idea made into a truly custom kick ass design. The pin dudes have been one of my favorites to make so far. They're some intense rockin' dudes.

Thanks again for the work and keep the posts coming. Rock On! All the best!!


Thx Josh, It was fun working with you. Thx for squeezing me in your schedule.

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Got some stuff done over the past weekend. My Father-in-law was a big help and did most of the cutting. We only had one shot at it and our best tool was a skillsaw. He is a carpenter by trade so I left it in his hands. I didn't bother doing the 45 degree cuts on the corners because it would have been too hard on the skill saw plus i figured i wouldn't have to notch my 46" tv so much:hmmmm:, plus i was covering it up any way with artwork so i didn't see the point of the 45's. I hope it doesnt come back and bite me in the butt.


We had crappy lighting so i had to bust out my flashlight. I learned not to have a open beer in the garage when cutting...:facepalm:


Some stuff from Home depot



So we tacked it together and the top looked too small from left to right. It wash't sticking out that far..


So a buddy of mine who is a cabinet maker said this was the best primer to get and it drys in like 15 mins. it works awesome.



Duh, I found the problem, How am i going to put artwork on here and still open the back box without ripping the artwork??


Problem number two....


Problem number three...


Much better. I put the pieces on the inside to make it wider. I had to make a couple new pieces but i had plenty of wood left over so it worked out.

Its hard to cut the backbox without the TV. I Think i have to make it even wider because i have 27" opening and i think a 32" is wider then that. :hmmmm::hmmmm:



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Well, looks like STERN beat me to it. Damn it!!! Maybe by the time i am done with my cab someone will get this game on VP or FP so i can have a game that matches my theme like a lot of builds on here do. If i had the money, i would take the middle one because of the back glass . The limited one on the right sold out in 45 mins.


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Update: I got the legs, side rails, side plastic glass holder, back glass holder, fans, hinges, lockdown bar and some buttons. My cab and back box are just tacked with a couple screws for now until i got all my holes and slots done. Then i will really glue it and screw it!


Once I got the legs on, i was able to see where my back door can go.



Installed the drawer with the soft close sides.


Installed the hinge for the back box. I had to add another 3/4" piece under the back box so that it could clear the side rails.



I couldn't wait for the right tool so i thought it was a good idea to use a saw saw for the holes…..not so much.:thumpdown::thumpdown:



I wanted to kill some time and make My first attempt to make the dmd panel…


It looks good from far away but up close its wavy and crappy looking. I used a jigsaw.


Second and final attempt to make the dmd panel before i buy a mameman one.;)

For this i called for back up!! i called my buddy who is a cabinet maker and we put the measurements in his computer and it gave us the sizes we needed to cut. I thought it was a crazy idea but with all of his equipment, it wasn't bad looking at the end.I also used him to make my holes for my 220mm fans.



A little more sanding primer and paint and it should come out nice. The nicest part is that all it cost me was a six pack.

I was able to use the jigsaw for the intake fans and sub woofer. ITs a 8" i had lying around.




OK so i got a great deal on a lockdown bar on ebay for $50. Its a 25" black one from a Guns and Roses machine. When i made the cab i didn't cut 45 degree angles on the corners and just slapped them together. The total length was 24 3/4". Its a perfect fit!! But there is a problem that i am stuck on


This lockdown bar is another project by its self!!


:banghead::banghead::banghead:If i put the side rail all the way until it hits the back box, it leaves a gap…:banghead::banghead::banghead:.


And if i put it all the way down to the lockdown bar, where i think it were it should be, it leave a big gap by the back box.



Its like a one inch difference. Did I mess up and buy the wrong lockdown bar or is there another chrome piece by the back box????? I got the side rails from virtuapin.net and they only had one size for the williams.

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Maybe they already accounted for the fact that most people who construct their own cabinet make it a bit shorter than a real cabinet, to hide the fact that a 16:9 TV is shorter than an actual playfield. I believe the virtuapins are also shorter than a real cabinet.

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wowter- that sucks if thats the case. I did go off of the williams wide body plans like everyone else and i don't remember seeing anyone else with this problem. They must of got the side rails from somewhere else. So i need new side rails from a real pin you think? That would be better then cutting a inch off my cab because i already have the artwork in my closet and i don't have a inch to cut on that.

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I have two Sega/Data East cabinets, one with buttonguard siderails, one without. The one without is 110 cm long, the one with buttonguards is 111 cm long ( measured on top, so excluding the continuing side-flaps)

i also have WPC wide body, which has 108,5 cm long siderails (also excl. the continuing side flaps), with a standard lockbar (7 cm high)

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This is really great looking. I'm a fan of Goddard's artwork. I have some of his prints going down the stairs into my game room.


Very cool.

I have side rails from an old gottlieb wide body (Panthera), Their just over 4' long.


It's kinda a tough situation you have.... I'd consider adding a strip of metal to the back of the cabinet, although that might look odd. I don't think your problem is with the lockdown bar, some of them are smaller, but I don't think yours is to thin, it looks to be the same size as the one I have.


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wowter- thx for the measurements. Thats what i needed was to compare to figure out what i need to do. It sounds like my side rails are the same as your WPC wide body. It doesn't make sense because i have a williams wide body cab. Maybe the williams lockdown bar is wider then my guns and roses one. I think i am going to call the virtuapins guy and see how wide his lockdown bars are.

luckydogg- you are a lucky dog, thats a nice collection of goddard. He has a store in tahoe, nv and las vegas. Super nice and they are perfect for the game room.well any room. It sounds like your cab is a lot longer then mine. Yeah i hope your right, it would suck to have to buy another bar. I also have a friend who works with metal so maybe i'll ask him to see what he says.

this is a pic of my cab from the back box.


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boogies2- O crap!!! That makes perfect sense now, But at the time i didn't think it was a big deal because they were both wide body cabs.:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

Fairfield?? we are practically neighbors. :beer::beer:

In that case Does anyone have a williams lockdown bar to trade me for the Guns and Roses one???. I sanded it down to metal , prime and painted gloss black. I spent hours on it

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