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custom lego themed arcade with all pc lego games on theme help


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Hi and thank you for reading this post I have recently built a Lego themed arcade machine with a friend I will post a link to his blog with all the details.


It use the Hyperspin frontend as I use it on mine as its fantastic but I am not good at Photoshop so the theme for the Lego games section looks lame and so does the theme for all 14 of the games. My question is would anybody be able to help me make the themes so it looks badass as this arcade may be featured in a magazine soon I will be mentioning Hyperspin as it is but will always mention and body that helps.Also just to add the games are pc based.


hope someone can help thank you for your time.


kind regards




Ps added pick of jack in the box as that's the fun on button haha


link is http://www.giftsfromthepirates.com/2016/02/you-have-to-learn-rules-of-game-and.html









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hi thank you for the great remarks took ages between 2 of us i glued all stands on sides for minifigs he made all the custom parts like the lego lights and the top marquee the side aslo cycle through colours and the xmas deathstar spins around underneath.


there is a link in the post to it the spinning deathstar is at the bottom.


any help on the lego themes ?



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thanks all is anybody able to help with my lego theme delema ? hope so


I am also starting my next build a pixelated arcade cab with full 3d pacman,donky kong,centipede , galaxion smashing out from it. going to take a while on a budget with spare parts but will look aswsome hopefully haha.


thanks again all

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