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Table Announcement: Monster Bash by unclewilly


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This is a complete set of artwork for Monster Bash (Williams 1998)

Table built and scripted by unclewilly. Graphics and textures by Ace9567

Wheel image by Ace9567.

Thanks to NF & UR for the flipper settings, and Tab and all who contributed Images.

There is an occasional bug in which the flash doesn't turn off on the frankenstein. I will address this in a future update.

Added options menu which allows for changing the rom and disabling the fading gi. The table can be a beast with the fading gi depending on your pc specs. There is still gi lighting when disabled it is just on and off.

I hope you enjoy it


P.S. If You would like the high res version which requires a pretty decent pc, you can get it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=21NJOYQJ

Just change the table name in the database

I've also included both wheel images, just change the file names if you don't want the default one which is at the top of the post


Add this to your Visual Pinball database:

<game name="Monster Bash.VP9.V1.0.uw.FS.LowRes">

<description>Monster Bash (Williams 1998)</description>






Monster Bash (Williams 1998).zip

Monster Bash.VP9.V1.0.uw.FS.LowRes.zip

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