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Hyperspin android crashing in mega drive wheel

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Ok usually I dont ask for help for android but this is a 1st for me....as I scroll thru the Sega mega drive wheel I added, once it gets to the 1st game starting with letter "O", hyperspin crashes ...even if i navigate using the letters option when i get to letter "O" again it crashes....i use a default theme i made and have cart art, boxart,and wheel for all the games  ...will upload a log as I'm clueless to what happening...thanks

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Maybe start with removing images to see if it’s a bad image causing it to crash.

Remove carts
Remove boxes
Remove wheels

Maybe letter o has a bad image?

Or review the letter o images to ensure no corrupt ones.

Just an idea. Good luck.

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You have a corrupt database. Thats why it's starting from letter O

Either change it or fix it and you should be good to go.

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Ok this the xml...I changed the name to just mega drive and deleted the 1st game that starts with "O"...now it crashed with the normys game...its really weird like it's a glitch or something but just on this 1 system

Mega Drive.xml

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Sega genesis works with no issues...damn near the same names except they have (usa) tag and mega drive has (europe) at the end ....I may start this 1 literally from the bottom up to see what's going on...also uninstalled hyperspin and reinstalled from the playstore....I didnt deleted any files though which possibly I should have like obb folder contents for hyperspin....tomorrow I'll skip work and may have time 2 work on it

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one time my android setup crash suddenly. a default theme become corrupt.

so you could try to delete your theme and test to know if it's the problem

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Also make sure your settings are ok.

I found that when I had a special art set where length=0 it crashed the entire application.

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Finally figured it out and fixed it...smh....took everyone's suggestions and went thru everything 1by1 line by line....2 bad images was the cause of the crash..these 2 images I will post would not open in android causing it to immediately crash....thanks everyone for the inputs and advice


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    • By thatman84
      (FYI having trouble with upping some screenshots and the new formatting so please excuse the wierd format)
      Converting 16x9 Themes for Hyperspin Android
      List of theme animation compatibility
      (I am in NO way competent with artwork resolutions but my method works and looks good to me)
      Because sometimes that theme you really liked just doesn’t display correctly 
      The main reason for theme problems is the use of animation and scripting of the .swf assets in the “theme”.zip
      (It’s best to replace themes that cause Hyperspin to crash out, but you can try to convert them)
       What’s covered...
             1.      Extract PNG assets from swf files
             2.      Reduce HQ artwork to be compatible with Hyperspin
             3.      Further reduce artwork width to allow for Hyperspin 4x3 -> 16x9 stretching
             4.      Recompile your theme
      What is Needed:
      Update on resizing tool.
            Fotosizer is now advised against because of the compression/quality loss it causes.
      pPlease use Photoshop or this program recommended by @IceLancer https://sourceforge.net/projects/easyimagesizer/?source=typ_redirect
      A    A  Fotosizer (http://www.fotosizer.com/) batch resize image files
              B.     Flash Decompiler (https://www.free-dec...flash/download/) extract png’s from swf
              C.     Time and Themes
       I have done a little testing for Main Menu themes. This spreadsheet shows what I have tested and its Android compatibility status. The sheet has download section links for all themes I have tried.
      Let’s get to it... 
      So grab a theme zip you want to play with and Unzip it. Any 16x9 Main Menu, Game or System Default theme will do.
      BakerMan provided me a guide to extracting the PNG’s from SWF but it has since been lost. 
      These are the steps
              1.      Open JPEXS once downloaded and installed from link above
              2.      Click on the “Open” tab and browse to the offending .swf file from your unzipped theme


             3.      Right click on “Images” on the left and click “Export Selection”
      (At this step you may find multiple images. If these images are only parts of one image, say the arms and legs of a character, you will have to lose that image completely from the theme or replace it with another one)
             4.      Click “ok” to PNG file type then choose a location for the exported images (Default is Desktop. Only export one at a time and  then move the PNG out of the output folder as it overwrites each one if not)
             5.      Now browse to that Output location and you will find your PNG’s in an “images” folder.

      You are now ready for phase 2 – Resizing the images
      Note, fotosizer does cause a reduction in artwork quality. If your sensitive to this you may want to use another method. (If you know of a better program please comment) I only run a 37' screen and don't mind myself.
      (Resizing Artwork is covered comprehensively by Avar in his tutorials found HERE)
      Open Fotosizer Add the Artwork that was converted to PNG Reduce the images to 68% KEEP MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO TICKED (this is the best size for the ones I have done)  
              4.       Move the right side settings bar down and select an Output Folder

      5   Remove that Artwork from Fotosizer
      6.   Add the newly resized artwork back into Fotosizer
      7.   Reduce the Width to 75% (to allow HS to stretch it back when its loaded)
             9.   Now add this finished art back into the theme folder and zip it up again
             10.       Name the zip file the same as you have it in the “Main Menu.xml” database
      Final Thoughts...
      Now when you try this theme out you may find the artwork has slightly changed location. If so adjust the Artwork positions in the theme.xml file within the theme.zip OR load it into Hypertheme and adjust it as required
      Hope this helps someone.
      HS Android Theme Animations.txt
    • By thatman84
      My Attempt at making Andriod, MAC, PC users 1st steps in to Hyperspin Android easier
      This is an adjusted version of the Media and Databases that are included with Hyperspin Full Install 1.3.3
      Tweaked and cutdown for use directly with Android devices (It will not directly work with a PC although you can merge it with a PC setup to aid the building of an Android setup)
      Whats Included
      Indenticle Media files as 1.3.3 with some removals Pre configured Settings files Brief Android Emulator setup notes MAME Adjusted xml for 0.139 ROM set (Default one included also Outdated) Additional Settings files for 123 systems/collections (Provided by Badhemi)  

      Systems Included & Emulators suggested
      Atari 5200 (Retroarch MAME (Arcade) Core)
      Atari Lynx (Retroarch Handy Core)
      MAME (MAME4droid Reloaded (Red) 0.139v romset
      NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Retroarch Mednafen PCE Fast Core)
      Nintendo 64 (Retroarch Mupen64Plus Core or Glupen Core)
      Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch Nestopia Core)
      Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Retroarch VBA Next Core
      Panasonic 3DO (Retroarch 4DO Core)
      Sega 32X (Retroarch Picodrive Core)
      Sega CD (Retroarch Picodrive Core)
      Sega Dreamcast (Reicast 73e2691 2016_05_22 Build)
      Sega Game Gear (Retroarch Genesis Plus GX Core)
      Sega Genesis (Retroarch Picodrive Core)
      Sega Master System (Retroarch Picodrive Core)
      SNK Neo Geo (Retroarch FB Alpha Core)
      SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color (Retroarch Madnafen NGP Core)
      Sony PlayStation (Retroarch PCSX Rearmed Core)
      Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch BSNES Mercury Performance Core)
      See this Thread for details
      (Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation
      Install Notes
      To install this Hyperspin Android base pack
      Step 1 - Combine the download parts
      Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT1" (Hyperspin.zip) file
      Place the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file within the extracted Hyperspin folder
      Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file and it will combine the two parts
      Alternativly extract both files and the cut and paste them together
      (Optional Addition)
      Extract the Settings_Android.zip and pick out the settings files you require as you build your setup. Place them in your Settings folder or Settings_Android folder depending on your setup Rename specific systems if needed ADD YOUR ROMPATH  

      Step 2 - READ the Setup Notes.txt
      Step 3 - Organise your roms
      Organise your roms so they are located in the suggested folder structure OR place them in a location of your
      own choice.
      MAKE sure you adjust the "SYSTEMNAME".ini files to reflect your own rompath
      ****Remeber rom names will need to exactly match your Hyperspin databases (.xml) and be in a format that your
      chosen emulator can open****
      Step 4 - Move the pack to your Android Device
      Once you have the complete Hyperspin folder place this at the root of your storage device connected to your android device
      (USB HDD, Internal storage, SDCard or Network drive)
      Step 5 - Download and configure your emulators
      Step 6 - Install Hyperspin Application
      Download and install the Hyperspin application from the Goggle Playstore
    • By thatman84
      Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation
      And anyone I have forgotten helped me learn this
      My guides are only an extension of Reznnate's sticky posts
      PLEASE READ the OTHER sticky posts
      What is it?
      An Android version of Hyperspin that works with existing themes and data directly from the Hyperspin community.   It launches both Android games and Android emulators.
      Several reasons...    
      Android hardware is getting faster and faster.     Emulators for Android are getting better and better.     We wanted to play with our Hyperspin setups outside the house.     I wanted to replace the old PC in my MAME cabinet with a mobile device so I could justify leaving it on all the time.   It needed the ultimate launcher!!!  
      Since the Windows version of Hyperspin is dependent on Adobe Flash, it was necessary to build the app from scratch. With performance in mind, the Android version is highly-threaded and renders with the GPU using OpenGL.
      Android 4.4+ NVIDIA OpenGL drivers ONLY Tegra4, Tegra K1, Tegra X1 Drivers  (Tegra Mobile Device List) Confirmed working device, but not limited to, Shield Portable, Tablet and TV, Google Nexus 9, MiiPad, ADT-1 Tested Emulators Release statements  
      Hyperspin/Android Limitations
      RocketLauncher is not available for use on Android but the settings files it uses within a PC setup are compatible.
      Vertical Systems/Wheel list only No Touch Screen Input (Controller required) Favourites list feature not supported Genre feature not supported Searching subfolders for ROM’s not supported Games list only supports launching of one emulator (multiple emulators can exist in settings line and the 1st one installed will be launched) PC based animations and themes not fully functional. See this detailed post HERE  
      Never used Hyperspin before?
      As Hyperspin Android was originally designed to allow PC users to have another way to experience their setup you will need to first decide how you would like to proceed with your Hyperspin Android setup
      **Skip to Installation section if NOT using a PC**
      The easiest way is to  install the PC version for testing and building your Android setup (Follow Avar’s official tutorial videos HERE or follow step by step guides HERE Alternatively build your Hyperspin Android setup from iOS computer or directly from your Android device.  
      Already using Hyperspin on a PC?
      You can co-exist your PC and Android Hyperspin setups in one Hyperspin folder by making the following additions.
      Optional additional database file called "Main Menu_Android.xml". Located in your Hyperspin/Databases/Main Menu folder. This will allow for a specifically tailored Main Menu for your Hyperspin Android setup
      Optional additional settings folder called /Settings_Android. Located in your Hyperspin directory and populated with your Android specific Main Menu.ini, Settings.ini and SYSTEMNAME.ini’s. This allows both Windows and Android launcher/rompaths to co-exist in separate .ini files within the same Hyperspin directory.
      Some of your PC Themes and features may not be compatible with your Android setup so it may pay to build a specific Hyperspin folder for your Android setup. If you take this opportunity to trim unneeded files to save storage space it will likely mean some 3rd party tools (Don’s Filter list and Hypertools) may not function correctly.
      Also adjustments to your Android set of settings will need to be done manually with a text editor
      What’s Needed:
      A file explorer installed on your Android device (ES File Explorer in this case) Optional: PC to make life easier Step 1 – App Installation
      Note: The device you are using and your chosen Hyperspin folder location (local, sdcard, external HDD or NAS) will directly affect your steps and settings file values
      All testing was done on my NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 3.2 Marshmallow 6.0, slight differences may be found on other devices
      On your device open Google Play Store and search for Hyperspin
             2. Install as any other Play Store app, accepting all permissions when prompted
      You will now see the Hyperspin app in you devices menu

      Step 2 – Build your Hyperspin directories
      To function, Hyperspin pulls all data from an installation folder NOT included with the app installation. Without this directory you will see the below screen when trying to launch Hyperspin

      Note: New users without a Hyperspin directory and not installing a PC version of Hyperspin please download
       Hyperspin Android base pack
      (Adjusted from BBB's Hyperspin 1.3.3 file)
      Existing users please locate your PC Hyperspin directory and copy this to the root of your preferred storage device (USB, SD card, internal storage or NAS) see below details.
      But First...
      Decide on Storage Media & Location...
      I will now show you how to install Hyperspin onto the internal storage of your Android device. You are free to place your Hyperspin directory on a different storage device, including SD cards, USB storage and Network Attached Storage (NAS), but please be aware Hyperspin will seek and prioritize booting 1st from
      for your data.
      Also note that on the Shield TV Pro /storage/Emulated/0 & /storage/sdcard are in fact the same location
      If you will be using a NAS to store your Hyperspin directory, please be aware that there can only be one directory level between your devices /storage directory and your Hyperspin directory. For this to work, you will need to share your Hyperspin folder from your NAS device and the map that device to you Android device through its storage settings. It should then be seen in your devices /storage folder (I will cover this in detail in subsequent tutorials)
      Example of correct NAS Path:-           /storage/MYNAS/Hyperspin
      Example of incorrect NAS Path:-        /storage/MYNAS/SUBFOLDER/Hyperspin
      My TEST path screenshot
      Is my Local device directory /storage Is the name of my NAS Drive sdcard1
      Next – Get a file explorer
      I Installed ES File Explorer (ESFE) by searching ES in your Play Store app and install as any other.

      Launch ESFE and navigate to the 1) Local then 2) Home - option. Place your Hyperspin folder here 3)

      Note: For a HSA to work the ONLY required files/folders for an Android installation are as follows
      /Emulators (optional ROM location structure for ease of setup)
      Please now exit to your home screen and launch the Hyperspin App, to test everything is correct. Depending on your correct choice of Hyperspin directory you should now be greeted with the Hyperspin intro video and your Main Menu wheel of systems.
      The base pack download will look similar to this example.

      This is what you get with the default Hyperspin 1.3.3 version I have adjusted
      Now you have completed the basic installation there are some settings that require adjusting and reviewing to enable games to be launched.
      Also the per system/wheel settings are covered here
    • By thatman84
      Hyperspin Android "System Name" Settings (.ini) Files
      What’s covered...
      SYSTEMNAME.ini Rompaths App/Game Launching parameters Finding App launch parameters Basic customisation  
      (All testing done on Nvidia Shield TV Pro)
      Before We Start...
      For the purposes of this tutorial I will be editing the .ini files with Notepad++ & screenshots on a Windows PC. You can use any Android or PC text editor to complete this task it was just simpler for the purposes of writing.
      If using a combined Hyperspin PC and Android setup then you can get more information on the different settings from the notes provided in the HyperHQ program. HyperHQ directly controls all of your .ini files located in Hyperspin/Settings NOT Hyperspin/Settings_Android
      For full original listings please see this post
      What is Needed:
      Your set of .ini files (Located in your Hyperspin/Settings or Settings_Android folder Text Editor (any will do or use Notepad++) The set of clean and preconfigured .ini files (Settings_Android.zip) Included in the Android base pack I submitted.  

      Section 1
                  This is where all the magic happens and should be your primary concern...
      path=               (<Not Supported>)
      rompath=         This will be the file path that contains your games for the specific system you are setting up. There are many options so I have listed the most common below
      If your games are contained within your Hyperspin directory then absolute paths are not required. Games stored in this location (Hyperspin/Emulators/Sega Mega Drive/roms) would have  
      rompath=Emulators/Sega Mega Drive/roms
      If your games are stored locally on the internal storage of you device the entry could be  
      rompath=/sdcard/”rom folder”/”next rom folder”
      rompath=/storage/emulated/0/”rom folder”/”next romfolder”
      If your games are stored on an external USB HHD or USB thumb drive you will need to add the USB ID to the rompath (You should be able to see the ID by using ES File Explorer or alike)  
      rompath=/storage/A2CA0AEBCA0ABC13/”rom folder”/”next rom folder”
      If stored on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device you will need to create and share a folder at the root level of your NAS and mount the NAS to your Android device  
      rompath=/storage/”NAS Name”/”Shared Folder”/
       exe=                           This line will launch the emulator/application
      The specific commands written here are easily found in the forum and THIS post contains the most common ones
      If you can’t find the launch command you need you can try an app like Quick Shortcut Maker. Install and run QuickShortcutMaker and it will detail all the apps you have installed and provide the different launch commands for the apps. (You will need to play about with this to get it right)
      romextension=            This line should contain ALL file extensions for the games you are trying to launch, comma separated NO SPACES (Remember that support for compressed files like .7z and .zip is VERY limited in Android so MOST games need to be UNCOMPRESSED and be supported by the emulator)
                                          Extensions are also REQUIRED for the filtering system in Hyperspin
      parameters=                 This line contains commands to launch a specific process for the app launched from the exe= line, also found in the post linked above.
      These commands have be discovered by forum users and of course Reznate, by mainly contacting the app developer to request them
      pcgame=                     This line is for the purpose of creating a system wheel that launches multiple apps. It will only launch the app or Android game without passing any parameters. The exe= line is ignored.
      If set to TRUE you will need a specific SYSTEMNAME.xml in /Hyperspin/Databases/
      You use the app launch command as the “game name” entries in the .xml file
      Here is an example of a system wheel database named KODI. Setup to launch KODI apk and ES File Explorer apk

      Section 2
                              This is the start of customising your setup!!!
       themes_only=             If set to true Hyperspin will filter your games list to ONLY show games that have a theme of MATCHING name located in /Hyperspin/Media/SYSTEMNAME/Themes
      Remember ALL Artwork/Themes/Videos and Rom file names MUST match the
       <game name=”example game”> tags in the SYSTEMNAME.xml
      roms_only=                If set to true then Hyperspin will filter your games list to only show games that are found in the rompath provided AND matching the extensions provided also
      If you get “Missing rom file” error check your .ini rompath= and extensions= lines and make
      sure your rom file names match your database xml “game name” tags
      Section 3
      This is where you enable/disable the transition videos that play when moving between games in your systems games list wheel. (The Hyperspin logo swooping across the screen and similar)
      reload_backgrounds= true or false
      Override Transitions are .flv videos stored in each one of your systems video folder. If named as a specific game matching your SYSTEMNAME.xml, they will play when moving onto that game in the wheel list
      Location          Hyperspin/Media/NAME_OF_SYSTEM/Video/Override Transitions
      Finishing Touches
      The other options in the .ini files for each system are adjustments to the look of the games list wheel text (if not using images), game text (text in bottom left of screen showing the year, manufacturer and game description) and Special Art settings.
      Note. I may do a further tutorial on this but right now I have run out of steam!!!
      Special Art is setup in the same way as the Main Menu.ini. Special Art C is for the Genre feature which is not supported on Android so can be ignored

      Game Text is best setup manually by changing the corresponding values for colour, shadow, colour ratio and position. To get the values use HyperHQ as directed below. You can also enable and disable what information is displayed. (Although the sticky post shows Not Supported I know that you can disabled the manufacture text from diplaying as I have this off in my MAME wheel)

      Wheel Text is best configured by using HyperHQ. Adjust the settings under the options Wheel Settings -> SYSTEMNAME -> Wheel -> Wheel Text
      Here you can find the colour HEX values and adjust the shadow and ratios to fit your themes

      Lift the settings from HyperHQ or an adjusted PC setup settings file and edit them here

      The last section I will briefly cover is...
      Navigation settings

      This section customises how your games list wheel responds. Most are self explanatory bar one
      use_indexes= true or false
      This setting along with your database SYSTEMNAME.xml settings determine in what order your games list is displayed. It also allows for proper use of the letter skip function for jumping through the games list by letter.
      If your games database xml is NOT in alphabetical order then you must have ONE game entry set to index=”true” AND set the above use_indexes to true. Now your games list will be ordered exactly as they are in the xml not alphabetically
      If there are no index=”true” tags in your database then Hyperspin will list your games alphabetically by game description.
      All official databases are ordered alphabetically with correct indexes this makes skipping by letter simple.
      If you have read this all you deserve a break and a pat on the back!!
      This has been a tough one to write so please comment if there are any mistakes. I will update them
      Hope this helps someone
    • By thatman84
      Hyperspin Android Settings (.ini) Files
      What’s covered...
      Settings file directory location Global.ini & Betabrite.ini Settings.ini Main Menu.ini  
      (All testing done on Nvidia Shield TV Pro)
      Before We Start...
      For the purposes of this tutorial I will be editing the .ini files with Notepad++ & screenshots on a Windows PC. You can use any Android or PC text editor to complete this task it was just simpler for the purposes of writing.
      If using a combined Hyperspin PC and Android setup then you can get more information on the different settings from the notes provided in the HyperHQ program. HyperHQ directly controls all of your .ini files located in Hyperspin/Settings NOT Hyperspin/Settings_Android
      For full original listings please see this post
      What is Needed:
      Your set of .ini files (Located in your Hyperspin/Settings or Settings_Android folder Text Editor (any will do or use Notepad++) The set of clean and preconfigured .ini files (Settings_Android.zip) Included in the Android base pack I submitted.  
      Lets get stuff covered!!
      Settings file directory location
      For default Windows PC installation ALL your settings files can be found in the Settings folder of your Hyperspin directory (..Hyperspin\Settings)
      If you are not using your Hyperspin Android setup on a PC then leave them all in the /Settings folder
      If you are combining your PC and Android Hyperspin setups please create the following Settings_Android folder and place a copy of ALL your .ini files inside (..Hyperspin\Settings_Android)

      If you are using my Hyperspin Android Base Pack locate your settings files here

      Global.ini & Betabrite.ini
      These files are not required for Hyperspin Android and do not affect it
      Without a settings.ini file Hyperspin will still run, read and display the artwork and animations you have in your folders. This will display any override transitions you may have also (Override Transitions are little .flv video animations that play when switching between systems/games).
      Located in:-
      Hyperspin/Media/Frontend/Video/Transitions (Play when system specific not available, named what you want)
      Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Video/Override Transitions (Named as your Main Menu system entry)
      Note:  If ‘<not supported>', then there is a hard-coded value or the parameter is ignored currently.
      The three options are explained below in a settings file example.
      Please see THIS post for further details on the Optimizer settings for PC installations
      Option 1 & 2

      Option 3

      Main Menu.ini
      This ini file configures how your Main Menu list will display. There are a few features that can be customised and some that are not supported.
      Note:- Your Main Menu systems list will always display vertically to the right.
      Video Path, Sounds & Wheel text are not supported

      Next is Special Art
      Special art is the animated .swf artwork usually for controls. Further reading can be found HERE


      So thats all I have for you on the core settings options. I will do a seperate post for the System settings where all the business happens!!
      Hope this helps someone and big thanks to badhemi for his settings files
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