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  1. Nod32 is a really good antivirus you just have to sometimes tell it to chill out about stuff that comes from sites you know and trust. I'm sure the files are safe.
  2. I've had this issue before. The problem was in the art that was being loaded at the top or the bottom of the wheel (as HS loaded it as it rotated into view). Ended up just being a corrupt wheel image that probably didn't finish downloading right. I'd check that out. Does it happen regardless of which direction you go?
  3. I really like the idea of a cool global default theme. It would take some of the pressure off of adding new systems that don't have a plethora of media/themes available yet.
  4. This makes me wish I had time to setup a HyperPin cab so bad ; ;
  5. HyperSpin completes me... we're going to run away to Alaska together and live out the rest of our days
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