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  1. I tested it on my Shield. Couple months back but not touched it since. I will try later and let you know. What Dolphin build do you have?
  2. Settings for what? In the dolphin bar booklet it tells you what mode to set as emulated wii mote. Dolphin then automatically works. thats about all you can do with decent results on the Shield imo
  3. Putting rom's in to letter groups.

    So long as your database xml has index letters assigned in it, it will let you scroll through.

    Is it this one ? There has been a few more pointers uploaded since I put this together but not a whole lot
  5. My install hang ups/ questions

    Overlays currently have to be set per core or per game basis. Folder structure is not important really. You have to manually point Retroarch to the .cfg file with your overlay image and save it on core/game basis I have a topic on batch files that could help. Search batch and my name. For MAME you can just use mame formatted sets and so long as the name matches it will work more automatically like PC MAME
  6. My install hang ups/ questions

    Com.retroarch just has the main config files in and thats it Retroarch main folder has all the user files in like saves and override configs
  7. My install hang ups/ questions

    You can point ra to your folders under Settings > Directory I put new folders in the Retroarch folder and then download the defaults from online updater Some info here
  8. My install hang ups/ questions

    Glad you sorted it, the mario thing is 1 of a few things. Incompatible game theme corrupt image file bad database xml entry
  9. Sega CD iso folder structure

    I guess just try that theme with boxart and set it up normally without the folder trick. Once thats working then aply the folder thing again.
  10. Sega CD iso folder structure

    Guessing your boxart will need to be in folders again also. I didnt do that in the folder I uploaded sorry.
  11. Sega CD iso folder structure

    You dont actually have any boxart though mate. Put the box in Art3 then try it in art4 if 3 doesnt show.
  12. Sega CD iso folder structure

    Yes as I said above. Open them side by side and you will see the difference. Its fairly self explainatory
  13. Sega CD iso folder structure

    I deleted some files from the theme folder and copied what you had in Artwork2 into artwork 3 & 4. I will check again
  14. Amstrad CPC Database?

    What version of Don's tools? I'm on the latest but usually brings up the line number which has an error. Not seen that error before
  15. Making a HyperSpin cabinet

    I'm not sure on your specs but they sound fairly solid. Knowone here will advise buying anything pre configured as its a headace all round. Your nas will most likely be accessabile from any devise on your network yes. Also yes it will take you a long while to fill it up but that is part of this hobby. Finding hidden gems and playing the games of your past. Good luck with your project. I removed the name you quoted although i think it was incorrect but still we will not promote anyones name related to drive selling full stop.