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  1. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    The best way to add a system is with HyperHQ on the PC. Theres a main menu wizard which you type your name and it creates all the files/folders needed and adds to the main meu.xml file also. If thats not availiable the files needed are as follows (i have a template folder/file set for ease also) Lets take Capcom Classics for example. Hyperspin/Databases/Capcom Classics/Capcom Classics.xml (from site, Hyperlist or selfmade) Hyperspin/Settings or Settings_Android/Capcom Classics.ini (copy, paste, rename your MAME.ini file for ease) Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/ You need a Capcom Classics Video, theme, wheel image all named Capcom Classics in the relevent folders Images/Wheel etc You will need the system specific media like everything eles in Hyperspin/Media/Capcom Classics And finally you will need to add this system to your main menu by editig your Main Menu.xml or Main Menu_Android.xml depending on your setup I cant remeber the syntax off hand but as Hono pointed out the name in here govens everything else so Capcom Classics NOT capcom classics So long as they all match
  2. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Ok so I completed the 1st run at Game Themes 16:9..... I have gone with Splitting them by System Name fully. It does seem overkill but will see how it works out. If anyone wants to give opinions and maybe test browsing and searching. That would be awesome
  3. No games list/ Database XML Files

    I would say it’s one of a few problems. Very 1st check the .ini files for those problem systems. make sure the roms_only filter is set to false for testing at least you have the correct rompath and file extensions to match you roms. next check your games actually have the same names as what’s in the database xml file <game name> pick one system and go through those then give us a shout back. a screenshot of the xml file, roms folder and ini file will help a lot. you can also check the xml file for special characters if it’s cutting off at a specific point. Like you have every game up to letter C or something. The & character can cause issues
  4. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I doubt anyone would expect a full set! Either way GC and PS2 16:9 sections are now done. Moved whatever I found over.
  5. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I think I will but MR C May slap my wrists lol Your name did pop up! Klopgero, damageinc and dougan also. I did roll my eyes lol
  6. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    OVER 400 MAME 4:3 game themes moved 69 pages checked and no doubt theres a couple of errors in there.....If it was not obviously for MAME i didnt move it. Theres a bunch of PC Game, SNES, GameCube and Wii U themes in there which i may make sections for. Also the odd random Main Menu, system default and other things I will get to them one day
  7. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    NEarly go that Game Themes 16x9 down to 15 pages. moved a bunch of System Defaults, couple of MAME and a handful of other random files out. Everything is so messy lol
  8. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I have Updated the OP It's been a while since I last delved in the DL section but been having a play tonight. I really enjoy the boring task of moving things around 85 Main Menu themes moved out of the Game Theme 16x9 Section cutting it from 21 pages to 18 The only problem is deciding on how to organise the place @Circo doesn't want me breaking anything which is understandable, so its a bit of a rock/hard place for ideas.
  9. Just venting a rant

    Oh man I feel the pain..... I hope you have a backup😱😱
  10. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    I had a quick look round and couldnt see anything
  11. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Sounds like mame issue then. May be worth checking some more mame focused forums for similar issues
  12. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Have tried opening a cmd promt in the mame directory and passing it the command to launch a game directly? That will eliminate some steps
  13. Updating 2 year old Hyperspin

    Your probably better spending the time looking in the DL section for updated media. There has been plenty of new themes, wheel sets and boxart uploaded since 2016....that will make the biggest difference to your set imo. Search the Submit section as the official stuff has not changed to much
  14. Updating 2 year old Hyperspin

    Read the notes here and check what version you have. There has not been that many bug fixes so you may not even need to upgrade. Generally the latest version has not caused any major problem other than the handling on jpeg files that have been renamed to png afaik
  15. How do I insert an intro video into my Hyperspin setup?

    You can try it. I believe there are some differences in mp4 videos. I dont have a collection as I have a custom one i am happy with. If you find any mp4 files uploaded here I would hope they werr tested with HS and work. Elsewhere who knows