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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    This may help https://github.com/HoraceAndTheSpider/UAEConfigMaker
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Check out the RetroPie Amiga WHDLoad Group facebook by Dom Creswell. That has all the info and experts. His config maker program has been updated to work for the shield configs. You point it at the whd folder, set the kick and rompaths and it makes per game configs for you. You can then launch uae4arm by pointing HS to your .uae config files Its just the database and artwork to sortout after that
  3. What's wrong with my log?

    I think you need to link rocketlauncher and hyperspin Follow this guide
  4. Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    Will have to check this out. Guessing it only stops if it auto updates tbe app
  5. Roms?

    We can't link to roms. have a little Google for Hyperspin Ready sets
  6. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I never really got to testing these. Got sidetracked and not found time to go back to amiga
  7. It's great to see the comps are doing good now. Big up @Lucky01 and all those that participate congrats @Accorsi for another top score
  8. Here is the list its not perfect but it helps
  9. Check this post for standalone emulator exe= and parameter lines
  10. Ok if just running on the shield you can just grab the Android base pack and start adding all your stuff from the drive into it, to de-clutter. Start with your database folder then your media folders one by one. Main Menu and Frontend 1st. Just add ONE system at a time is the best advise (I never followed that to start with and wish I did) Yes when you are setup almost every system will boot straight to the game from the wheel. And there is no SSF port for android AFAIK.
  11. Welcome. Do you want to use the drive on a PC and the Shield? All of your emulators for android will be run from the shield. Download them from the play store or side load any latest nightlies you download. I have some guides on here explaining the settings files. (I should make a thread with the links really!) for my ease they are here http://emulationguide.com/my-guides Plenty of people use RetroArch for many systems but Yabause is needed for Saturn. For ease of settings and portability you can/should locate your roms within the Hyperspin folder Hyperspin/Emulators/SYSTEMNAME/roms/ But you can organise it however you like so long as its inside the Hyperspin folder. Its your choice as the only thing it helps with is the rompath in the settings files. There is a pack of settings files in my base pack in my signature and Reznates settings in the download section. They will help you also. (Not been updated for a while though)