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  1. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    One small piece of feedback if I may Turn off HyperSearch voice when not needed it drowns you out and made the Eds Marque video tricky to watch at the end. Or maybe in the future look into an external mic. Volume control on YT is a pain in general. Since basically ditching regular TV for YT and alike volume is my biggest annoyance....1 video is quiet, the next is loud then the adverts are different. Sometimes I have sound on max then a loud vid starts playing and my eardrums explode 😣
  2. SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Let me know how the testing goes. I can amend the OP unless @reznnate has any additional info to add.
  3. Shield TV: Shield Experience 7 (Android 8 Oreo)

    That looks pretty slick. £1.50 is probably worth it to gain some simple flexibility. Kodi is awesome but I find it fairly time consuming on a maintaining front. Shield home screen is enough for me. I will go update the settings ppst with the newer launch code
  4. Shield TV: Shield Experience 7 (Android 8 Oreo)

    See settings thread... better placed for this covo
  5. SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    @ciscosurplus lets move the convo back here from the Shield Experience thread its better placed I am running old 5.0 5566 There may have been a change to the launch command
  6. Shield TV: Shield Experience 7 (Android 8 Oreo)

    I am thinking there has been a change but cant check for 24hrs Here is the exe report from my phone
  7. Shield TV: Shield Experience 7 (Android 8 Oreo)

    I tested and working 5.0 5566 Although I cant access the ini file now and forgot to check the exe line. You have the right command in the parameters line right?
  8. SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Did you get the debug app maybe? exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.debug/org.dolphinemu.ui.main.MainActivity I have not updated for months so not sure if anything changed
  9. PS3 Sixaxis Shield TV

    I would probably put it down to buggy android/shield handeling of PS3 pads
  10. PS3 Sixaxis Shield TV

    Weird what was your process of connecting. I think i had to connect with usb to pair 1st time
  11. PS3 Sixaxis Shield TV

    Just had it on and confirmed number 1 led is solid for the pad. I am almost certain all lights flashed constantly before the update. also I read with Shield experience 7 that they worked on ds4 compatibility so could be an upshot of that work
  12. PS3 Sixaxis Shield TV

    I just hold the PS button down until the lights go off. But actually just testing it the 1 LED came on solid. (My shield is probably the only thing on right now, kid is watching TV though so cant check connection) so maybe I dont have the flaahing issue. I update to Oreo a couple of days ago
  13. Give the search term "Hyperspin ready" a try. Thats as much as is allowed to be said really. Also if you games have wierd naming tags [!] Then try a program like bulk renamer to remove them before running Don's tools. With dons also the crc tickbox is great on 1st pass but generally for older systems crc is not needed.
  14. Shield TV: Shield Experience 7 (Android 8 Oreo)

    You sold it to me. Just got my new homescreen! Prob wont get time till tomorrow now. Gonna have to add all my apps back in. I thought you could make your own rows out of any apps. Not sure now will check into it some more.
  15. Launch inside wheel?

    I'm not sure there is a clean way. There probably is something out there to make it work. This is my 1st thought but only try it as a backup if knowone else chimes in. You could have a 2nd instance of Hyperspin One for mame only. In HyperHQ set your tick box for single wheel and choose MAME. Add hyperspin as an entry in the database and display it on your mame wheel. Use this to launch your other install of hyperspin with everything in it. You will probably need to do some custom stuff with rocketlauncher for the mame entry but thats beyond me I'm afraid.
  16. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Fair point....afaik speed is the same for everyone.
  17. PS3 Sixaxis Shield TV

    I did setup my PS3 controller on the Shield natively recently and noticed the lights flash all the time. its not my main controller and I always turn it off not not caused me any issues. I have been busy with other stuff recently so not had the Shield on for a couple of weeks will be off for a while yet I expect
  18. ExaGear Strategies (PC games emulator)

    @sonkun seems from the vid that the game launches straight away no? if so use the android app setup. I could only find an old thread of me learning how to do it. Maybe you have done this before.
  19. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    No worries, that question is open to many opinions. It’s a case of just researching and finding out. For SNES there’s many people that stick to snes9x. personally I download ALL cores. Most are small but the MAME ones are pretty hefty on storage.
  20. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Just to be sure go into Retroarch>Online Updater>Core Updater and download EVERY SNES core that is available
  21. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Good catch I think that was added after I read it and reply. I have asked if the core is installed also...seems the likely cause. @kerflug let us know. Please post your whole SNES settings file or attach it to your next post
  22. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Cool, i watched that this morning. Why not maintain the file here with a link to the file in the DL section?
  23. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    H:/ only matters if you are using Hyperspin on a PC. Those lines are not supported on the Android version Check the links at the bottom of this Post. Everything regarding the .ini files is covered http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/28642-tutorial-hyperspin-android-overview-and-install/
  24. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    cool. So you have this core installed in retroarch and tested? parameters=cores/bsnes_mercury_performance_libretro_android.so Your games are in this format? romextension=sfc
  25. SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    OK, those are from the last time you run it on a PC I guess. Not gonna help for the Shield side I'm afraid Logs are a pain to get on android What specific issues do you have on the Shield? Click on a game and nothing happens, an error, can't get into the games list etc Need as much specifics on the issues. One system at a time Most problems are related to the .ini file for each system. Capitals in the wrong place or maybe referencing the wrong retroarch core