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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thats good to hear! Thought you may skip it but its there for others. I will prob stick with the owl now myself!
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Theres a new theme out
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Theres a new theme out
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    @sanchezmike01 see this post and have a read through last couple of pages http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/14137-commodore-amiga-nvidia-shield-tv/?do=findComment&comment=304260
  5. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    The rainbow one? Think I included that in my themes I posted. Think that was in this thread lemme look. Oh I have been down that compiling route and basically failed. My little lappy is no good for all that stuff. Will have another crack when the pc is up and running.
  6. Hono's Shield TV setup

    That's a good idea! I may get round to it before your back from the deep blue! well phase one is done. Psygnosis Owl and logo are "done"... Phase 2 is the theme but I expect that will be a couple of weeks minimum for me to look at. I have Quake mods to ply with 😄
  7. Hono's Shield TV setup

    It's always worth adding things to the upload section mate. Someone will use them. PS stay tuned as I just finished the Pygnosis Owl/logo. Just logged on to check if you had been on lol
  8. Shit I forgot about the Owl.,.,.,on it
  9. Achieved tonight's goal of getting some mods to work. will have to make some more vids and wheel it seems! The impromptu Quake project is getting interesting.
  10. HyperSpin Controls on Nvidia Shield

    Those 2 features a super slick, remember watching that video of yours. Nearly got me to set it up! Just don't have time for another FE 😀
  11. HyperSpin Controls on Nvidia Shield

    The controls are hard coded afaik... That means its not possible to change them. Also Genres and Favourites are not supported. Top of the feature list imo but I am fairly certain @reznnate wont be getting those added. There is more details on whats supported in the pinned forum posts.
  12. I'm also glad you asked....was a bit of fun. Its not finished yet either! See this thread over at Libretro....not tried it yet, hoping to this week. https://forums.libretro.com/t/tyquake-qauke-mods-how/15631/4?u=thatman84
  13. shortcut?

    Unfortunately its still not going to be that easy.....There are plenty of other routes other than building from the ground up but just be careful out there Emulators, drive paths and controllers are very system specific so getting all that stuff working correctly is not plug and play. You could always look in LaunchBox for an "easier setup".
  14. ScummVM on Shield TV

    Np, great you got it going Please let other user know what fixed things.... its good to round these threads off for future readers. Did you replace some files?
  15. ScummVM on Shield TV

    Does the capital A in the core name make a difference
  16. ScummVM on Shield TV

    Hey Ron, @Honosuseri is the only man around often with this setup. I skipped it myself. do you have each game in its own folder? chuck up a screenshot of your romfolder and .ini file... it's easier to spot problems. doubt I will get a chance tonight to look.
  17. Hono's Shield TV setup

    Ah cool, i did think Zen was the only "real" way to go for pinball. Anyway sent them a request for direct launching on the off chance. Doubt it will ever happen bu meh. If a few others ask it may help
  18. Well this is very interesting!!!!!! maybe the Quake wheel is not finished yet lol list of mods that "work" http://www.psx-place.com/threads/tyrquake-mods-for-retroarch.9539/
  19. Its all done now See 1st post for details and links
  20. Hono's Shield TV setup

    Cool stuff Hono. I thing Sting done an android games wheel that looks like a similar theme. I have Doom3, Tomb Raider and a racing game but thats it. I will probably keep an eye on yoirs to give me the motivation to at those into mine. Although they are on the Homescreen of my shield so never bothered. Also dont play them much lol Quake is on its way up soon. I included yoirs wheels and themes to give people some choices.
  21. Ok so I am basically done with the Quake setup... its to late to pakage it up and post today so will do that tomorrow. I have a bunch of assets collected so this setup can be customised. Backgrounds, wheels etc....will stick everything in it to aid anyone else. It's not top draw quality but its good enough for me. Fun and games getting the videos done. Recorded them in 16x9 fullscreen on the shield and converted with vlc player to 640x480...although think i made a mistake there but this arty stuff is not for me lol
  22. Cool...someone passed me a Doom setup which is working good. If prboom docs needs changing let me know i will get that sorted. There is a VERY good doom collection wheel on this site. By Zerojay iirc. Not moved on from Quake yet so have not searched yet. Although theres a post in last few hours related to doom by Aorin.
  23. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Yeah I have been there. Literally have no idea how to troubleshoot that emu....:( I have resided to the long game on this one. Fingers crossed Amiberry gets working in the future...I am just waiting for a good romset to be finished which will be another few months afaik
  24. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    What screen are you getting on loading? All my issues are down to kickstarts or kickstart paths normally
  25. hypersync down for days now....

    Submit a support ticket from your side panel. I believe it was tested by an admin a couple of hours ago and is working. Noticed you have posted in the other thread also. what is the error message you receive? What version of hypersync have you installed?