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  1. Change Video snaps folder

    Yeah all the same just on a drive. Don't think port maters. I remember testing it with a USB stick when I wrote the guide. just skim to that section and it should be clearer
  2. Change Video snaps folder

    Yep so long as it's at the root and you don't have a Hyperspin folder on the internal storage. in the guide I linked I'm sure it tells you the priority of where it looks. also you can run it on a NAS but my little mycloud was a bit slow at loading so kept it on the Shield as I have the 500gb model
  3. Colecovision ini file needed

    Balls i will dig out your old set of .ini files tonight. I'm sure your posted them in the Nividia Shield setup guide thread by Fromthelostsays
  4. Change Video snaps folder

    There's a feature request thread but I am pretty sure no features will be added. At least for a long while anyway
  5. Colecovision ini file needed

    This should all of yours just without a rompath. I do have all of yours on my laptop if you want them also.
  6. Change Video snaps folder

    Generally it's advised not to do shared internally unless your happy to dedicate the drive to Shield stuff only. personal choice. The link to the settings guide is at the bottom of this one. Should tell you what ini settings work on the shield
  7. Change Video snaps folder

    You can't change that path on the shield. You may be best leaving your whole Hyperspin folder on the external drive. the app should pick it up fine. No need to put anything directly on the Shield it's self other than some emulator assets. i believe you can put emulator files inside the Android folder that gets created when you plug it in. So long as it follows the Shield folder structure
  8. MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    If you have some time and a back up of the .0192 core. http://emulationguide.com/retroarch-local-online-updater
  9. MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    Not updated sorry. You reported it to Libretro?
  10. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    @bippym hope your well and apologises for misreading your FB comment. I know you have your setup all sorted now. Do you have any tips on problem games. Did many need custom .uae files. I would be very interested to look at your xml file. Currently going through the Official one now my Amiga break is over.
  11. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    No worries. Flag those "bab"boys lol. With a comment!
  12. Hi All, After my unexpected upgrade to Section Admin I just wanted to let everyone know I will be focusing my efforts more on the download section. Notice It will be a long standing project due to the nature of the beast. I am a little stretched for spare time so please dont expect anything to drastic!! I am also less accomplished than most of this community when it comes to artwork quality. The Plan 1. Migrate solid community approved artwork over to the Official section 2. Create new categories where needed 3. Request users return to posting their content in announcment threads before uploading to the download section. 4. Find some active Media Approvers How Can You Help Please post here content, from the Upload Here section, you feel is of high enough quality to be classed "official" To be continued.....
  13. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Maybe use the flag button. If you spot roms flag an pm me. Thanks dude @Circo is the system selection dropdown for file names a possibility
  14. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I'm not a media approver so for now things are staying in the upload section. This may change in the future but not for a while. Thats why titles and tags are so important for people using search
  15. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I have been quietly working in the Upload Section when I get a chance. Just generally moving files around. Today I created a "Sin Bin" for newly uploaded files that have either been uploaded to the wrong section or given an uninformative title. I apologise if this is annoying but it streamlines moving files like that to keep the Root Upload Section clear. That may in turn prompt people to find the correct sub section to upload. Please upload your files with informative titles and to the right section. This makes everyones life easier. I know English is not the only language so please pass this message on in you native tounge.
  16. hyperspin nvidia shield controller

    Check you file extensions match in the settings file for Sega Genesis. Case sensitive make sure your rom path is correct with exact capitals etc also all rom files in one folder NO subfolders allowed
  17. reserved for Amiberry update guide
  18. This is the start of the WIP guide and Amiga Project thread DONT REPLY TO THIS THREAD REPLY TO THIS ONE(clicky) Database taken from this thread post More to follow
  19. reserved for advanced guide
  20. hyperspin nvidia shield controller

    Check out my signature and the pinned posts for that sort of info. There are packs of settings files in the android section of the downlpads under Hyperspin Just change your rompath after opening the files on a PC with notepad++ is best bet. Grab some emulatirs 1st and get your games working in them. There is an old Nvidia Shield setup guide which is stjll pretty good and also my Set of guides if you search fir (Tutorial) in the android section
  21. hyperspin nvidia shield controller

    Do you have the red mame4droid emulator installed from the play store?
  22. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Its great to see another HyperAndroidSpinner about the place and one with great Amiga knowledge is a massive bonus. @Honosuseri hdf hdf hdf Although even with the bootloader flaws WHDLoad surely should be prefered over ADF! Unless im missing a conflick in setup we can run hdf, adf and whdload on the same setup
  23. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    We will get there! It's a shame the frustration lingers. I guess knowone really ever completes things in a format that fulfills everyones needs. I'm a bit of a dog with a bone sometimes and I have so many incomplete projects but Amiga is by far the one I want to "complete" the most (aside from Favourites/collection wheels in Hyperspin ) Its crazy how intereting I find Amiga Emulation as I had not even heard about it before coming here.
  24. Comprehensive List of Natively Supported Compression Formats

    .pbp has known issues with sound. CHD is preferred over .pbp but I have seen posts about sound issues with those also. if you can afford the disk space stick with bin/cue