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How do you charge your xbox 360 controllers???


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I have 2 with this charging kit:




Worked amazing and I kept the AAA battery cases for backup.

Unfortunately, after years of loyal service, they are pretty much done for and I'm forced to use AAA batteries again. Also, I can't seem to find the charging cables anymore.


I'd buy the loose batteries again as I already have the charging station, but my controllers see little use atm. And I'm considering replacing them with xbONE controllers if I start regularly using multiple controllers again.



In the end, this works great. you can of course keep the cables as backup and/or buy a couple of extra batteries as they're way less expensive than the actual official kit and can be had with a larger capacity.

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I use a Nyko charging station which has worked very well for me. But I use the wii classic controller pro along with the dolphin bar as my primary controller. I only use the 360 pads for PC games. I'm still not a fan of the directional pad on the 360 controllers.

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I'm very surprised my method wasn't mentioned.

I use Recharge-able AA batteries.

But I use a LOT of them.

Basically it's like this:

I have 2 X360 Controllers, so that's 4 AA batteries. However, I have an AA Battery charger with another 4 AAs that are charged. When the ones in the controller run low, I swap them out with the charged ones. That way, as I drain the new batteries, the old ones are filling.

I prefer this method because you only have to stop for all of about 10 seconds before you are up and running again. I use this for my all my controllers on all systems that use batteries. so I have like 3 chargers lol.

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Thanks for the suggestion but im not a fan of batteries in my controllers. I wish microsoft would just put rechargeable batteries in there controllers. 


I Hate how Sony does that. I have to tether myself to my console and sit right in front of my TV when my controller dies, and I'd rather sit on the couch.

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