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Here I go again!


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I got rid of my midway cab last year, and pretty much left the site behind. I had a lot of things to catch up with in my personal life and hyperspin had to wait...

Well, guess who got bored, and started missing having an arcade around?? THIS GUY!

I got engaged, and moved in with my lady, believe it or not, she is totally supportive in the project and I even get to keep it in the house! This is a first! After many moves and tons of back pain lugging around a full size cab, I have decided to build a pedestal set up that can be easily transported. I designed the control panel with RL in mind and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I am about 50% done with it, and I should be back in business

Here is my progress so far...



Oddly enough, I sat the panel on a bookshelf in my office, and I think I'm gonna use that as my stand lol. All the shelf was holding before was my NES games so it was a no brainier! Lol


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looks good already man, I'm assuming those two black buttons above the trackball are mouse clicks? How is it that you guys are wiring these? I really wish to know

most usb trackballs already have the wiring set up. This one is an xarcade trackball and it actually came fully wired with push buttons and microswitches, but i had an ultimarc U-trac that also supports the mouse buttons after running 2 wires to the existing harness.

Thanks Gigapig! And for the record, it only weighs about 25lbs ( 43x16 )

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*chuckles* This is a hobby that is hard to walk away from. Congrats on the engagement and if you can keep the cab in the house you have got yourself a keeper of a wife. ;)

Oh and welcome back... Nice to see you do actually have a life .... seems to be a rare commodity around here . :D

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great that you have a lady that understands your project and that you can leave the cab in your house ;-) and its also good that you are back

and polcemist are right i think some of the gurus and theme producing machines are here have no time for real life looooooooooool only a joke guys

but i for myself know how much lifetime runs in a project like hyperspin

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Total cost, about $300

Had a bunch of spare pc/arcade parts and got a hook up on the tv from the pawnshop I work at



Intel i5 processor

10gb ddr3

Nvidia 620 video card

250gb hdd for operating system (win7 ultimate)

2x 750gb hdd for emulators and roms

Control panel:


Ipac2 interface

XArcade trackball with mouse buttons

Ultimarc aimtrac light gun

(Not counting the 300$ bar tab me and my old man ran up after the woodwork was done ?)

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Quick Update:

The shelf thing I had the cp mounted to was really wobbly so my little bro hooked me up with a nice piece of "hardware" lol. All custom, he wanted to use his new welder...


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So, I'm starting a new idea that I had after getting sick of not having any USB ports left on my arcade pc.

Kinda like a joybox, but custom. The plan is to house it much like a control panel in its own enclosure containing a powered USB hub, and all the controller adapters I could find on the web.

I would remove the adapter housings so that just the inputs would show on the front of my Pedestal base.

Using xpadder I would be able to store the controllers in a drawer until I was ready to plug them in.

Like I said, this is just my theory. I already ordered the parts and I will post pictures as I go.

Ps: I do realize that there is a kick starter for something like this, but I feel like building my own.

Has anyone done anything like I'm planning? I'd like to hear ideas, and see anyone's similar solutions :)

this is what it looks like in my brain ;)



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