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Unfortunately we had to take download section back offline temporarily. We should have it working normally soon.

[WIP] Download Section Clean Up


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Hi All,

After my unexpected upgrade to Section Admin I just wanted to let everyone know I will be focusing my efforts more on the download section.


It will be a long standing project due to the nature of the beast. I am a little stretched for spare time so please dont expect anything to drastic!!

I am also less accomplished than most of this community when it comes to artwork quality.

The Plan

1. Migrate solid community approved artwork over to the Official section
            I cannot see a way to do this currently. All work is now focused on the Submit section only

2. Create new categories where needed
(Starting to think less categories is better PEOPLE JUST CANT CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE ANYWAY. SOrry for shouting)

3. Request users return to posting their content in announcment threads before uploading to the download section.  (Never gonna take off lol, I live in hope!!)

4. Find some active Media Approvers (Update Aug 2018 - none found yet)


How Can You Help

Please post here content, from the Upload Here section, you feel is of high enough quality to be classed "official"


To be continued.....

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Its a shame he seems to have left without saying anything. I asked him to do a post but no reply yet. He may just be busy with his crazy job.


I'm all about the community, its what makes the hobby more enjoyable... The more people that help out the better for everyone. Personally I think this community is bigger than Hyperspin and the projects that flurished here have been an asset to the wider emulation scene (RocketLauncher, RetroFE, EmuMovies, THE ARTWORK, Brolly and co's database, dare I say it Simply bloddy Austin :)etc) Hyperspin has its place much like the big emulators. 

Although activity and Admin communication has slowed in recent months I understand how different this place must be to when it started.

Ramble over

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Here, @thatman84 some official artwork

Sega Master System 2D Box (Official)


SNES 3D Real (Official)


APF MP 1000 3D Box (Official)


Nintendo 64DD 2D Box (Official)


RCA Studio II 2D Card (Official)


RCA Studio II 3D Box (Official)


RCA Studio II 2D Box (Official)


Sega Mega Drive Japan 3D Box (Not Official, because the effects in box, but still a solid set)


Sega Dreamcast 3D Box (Official)


Amstrad GX-4000 2D Box (Official)


APF MP-1000 2D Box (Official)


Sega Mega Drive 3D Box (Not verificated, but still a solid set)


Sega Mega-CD (EUR) (Official)


Epoch Pocket Computer 3D Box (Official)


Sega Dreamcast 3D Jewel Case (Official)


NES 3D Box (Some are full official, but aren't, still a good set)


NES 2D Box (Some are full official, but aren't, still a good set) (Includes layes)


Atari 5200 2D Box (Official) (Includes layes)


Atari 5200 3D Box (Official)


Atari 7800 3D Box (Official)


Atari 7800 2D Box (Official)


Epoch Pocket Computer 2D Box (Official)


Sony PSP 3D Box (Not official, some boxes have official layer others not, but still a solid set)


Nintendo GB 2D Box (Problablly official, but some boxes not match to original layers)


Nintendo GB 3D Box (Problablly official, but some boxes not match to original layers)






Commodore CDTV 2D (Pack) (Official)


NFDS 2D Boxes and Discs (Official)


SEGA GAME GEAR 3D BOX (Some artworks don't match to the original layers)


BANDAI WONDERSWAN 3D BOX  (The layer don't match to the original layers)




GBA 3D BOX (Reuped from emumovies)






NINTENDO FAMICOM (Not verificated, but problably a solid set)




SEGA 32X (Not Official, because the effects in box, but still a solid set)




SEGA CD (Not Official, because the effects in box, but still a solid set)


SEGA MY CARD MARK III 3D BOX (Not Official, because the effects in box, but still a solid set)


SEGA MY CARD 3D BOX (Not Official, because the effects in box, but still a solid set)


SNES 3D BOX (Not official, layers don't match, solid set)




So, this links were drawn from Box Packs and i looked all links from there, some files are obsolete. I tried looking through all the files to see if all the files were correct, but I may have passed something, so if you saw that I passed, let me know.


@thatman84 i really like to help you to with the transition to official media, but i don't know how.

P.S.: I don't know how to put spoiler tab:special:

Edit: Now i got!

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That is simply awesome @Accorsi greatly appreciated. Im just turning in after a very long day and 3 more long ones to go. :) i will be back at it after that. Or a little bit when I can.

Fyi spoiler tab is Screenshot_20171026-230120.png

Providing links is a great help

Then its approving artwork which maybe @THK could comment on for us or any media approvers reading.

The moving of files I will take care of.

Its gonna be a slow burner project this one

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Finally had some time tonight to get some sort of clean up going!!! :)


I have started in the Platinum Section because I thought if you have paid some cash it's kinda nice to be thought about first. (and its a smaller section ssshh ):newhere:


Anyway, I put a duster around the Cinematic Hyperspin, Supporter Themes & Hyperspin Builds Section.

Lemme know any thoughts please its just me in there at the moment dusting away.


I will get back to that list above asap! But Supporter section is a way to ease myself in.


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Great job on picking this up @thatman84 

Please can I request that you remove the sub sections for particular users. Whilst I am a big fan of recognition for excellent work and as cool as the names are it just seems a bit messy. I would rather have all box sets together rather some in Kondorito Korner and some in Accorsi's Awesomeness. Its just a bit irritating when looking for things.

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59 minutes ago, RLBradders26 said:

Great job on picking this up @thatman84 

Please can I request that you remove the sub sections for particular users. Whilst I am a big fan of recognition for excellent work and as cool as the names are it just seems a bit messy. I would rather have all box sets together rather some in Kondorito Korner and some in Accorsi's Awesomeness. Its just a bit irritating when looking for things.

I have been discussing this with people in the community. Although it is a little confusing for now some of those sections will stay.

Some will be removed... but unless a wave of Platinum user complain most will stay for now.

I'm not keen on making that call untill more people have commented. Theres plenty of other work to do while I wait!! :)

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4 hours ago, griffin518 said:

I guess my thought is that the individual artist sections make it messy to find things. I think they should be removed.

Feel free to merge my files into any other future section. How about a new download category for bezels?

Finnally decided on a small edit to that section.

I moved Aorins and Retrohumanoids sections to reflect their content. Thinking I could create named sections under the type of media they reflect untill more comments come in from the big boys :)

Also started reorganising the Upload section. Bezels will get a cat in there for now.

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In the absense of Media Approvers I have continues splitting up the larger Upload Here sections. This should aid user navigation and ease the task of approving.

It may mess with peoples search habits......let me know any negative affects.

347 Main Menu Themes organised

Main Menu Themes have been split up.

I grouped them the best I could. Hopefully it makes sense and people use the categories to upload.

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How many media Approves are not active anymore? Surely the dev/admin team can check their last hit on the forum.
Also perhaps there could be a like button approves can put on new content submitted to show that its approved?

Or comment perhaps on un-approved submissions with critic on where/how to get it to official standards?

I would love to know personally if my submissions are upto par? Else where I should be looking to improve.

Granted I don't spend much time on each theme/item (5-10min usually) as I am focusing on PC Games which tend to have a lot of available media. (Which is nice as I am not the best artist by hand)


Personally I think what Hyperspin needs is to get its Audit/Download tool polished and going strong, its FTP repository linked somehow to the website so they are one or a clone of each other ... or start looking more into Download Packs for Systems that are complete or close to complete as possible.

The bulk of people want an out of the box experience these days with little setup time.

A perfect system would be one you install and using the current databases scans designated Drive(s)/Folder(s) for *Ahem* items and then allows you to download chosen media content.
Similar to what *ahem* Launchbox is doing but less.. cold and more forgiving in miss-matched item names using CRC and Fuzzy Logic to correct where it can.

Even scanning for current media and skipping where up to date/available.

Databases could have matching Item to Theme CRC connections if possible or use a fuzzy list to determine that you have the correct/upto-date media.


All that being said I was frustrated at first setting up Hyperspin (Thank god for Simply Austins Packs/Guides) however...

After a time it became almost a game in itself to get it setup perfect for me.

Also as I miss Avar but also want to see this FE Succeed as out of all it is still my Favorite I am willing to throw my hat in the ring to assist in auditing and getting things complete and ready for the new version.

I am fairly new on the scene but let me know if you want some help as you will find I am stupidly efficient at times.

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(Best Russian Accent) I think you are right on the money there 47.

Going through some of the themes I have downloaded you can see there has been a phenomenal amount of effort, care and hard work put into them. Personally I am content with what I have produced and tried to contribute over my short time learning but I think its not even close to some of the designs put forth before me.

I would hope however with patience and practice my content will improve overtime as its all a new learning experience for me as I work in Support.

Perhaps its something @thatman84 can look to achieve with the clean up eventually is to create a section for public submissions (Non Content Creator) but as you said, the content grows probably faster than it can be sorted and graded. Also adding/looking into a Rating Star/Cherry/Whatever System over just a public like system might be viable? Also a plead to people to start looking into widescreen and future proofing themes/content if that's the direction the product itself is heading.


Unsure what direction the new HS version is heading might also be part of the problem. I personally would like some sort of re-assurance that current or future works will not become redundant in the future versions. If the Development team could start looking into release notes even in a section to Staff only with a simple NDA if needed.

Personally I think secrecy will only hinder this amazing FE from reaching its Top Place on the Market again as input from the people using the product usually gets the people what they want where possible.



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Sad Faces.. I have tried other front ends but it feels like starting again in a new world and I don't do defeat very well.

I might as well just look at the current version as a "Final" and work from there improving my version where I can and contribute back what I can also. 

As you said "Its been done before" but we can hope.


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Ya the problem for me is I have a fully working Hyperspin and want to move to launchbox BUT I want to use everything the same as Hyperspin which I don't think I can do. You lose the themes mostly moving to launchbox but you gain dev and main menu nesting. If I could switch over in 30 min or less I think I'd do it if it were just a drag and drop. So sad

Bungle you focus on pc themes? Wanna finish off my pc wheel being all dedicated themes? I'd guess I have 100 missing :-)

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