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    MAME Database

    I honestly don't know. This is where my struggle is. I split my mame (your database) database and sorted them my manufacture and I was going to merge sets then but there is a bunch of crossover.
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    MAME Database

    Clones are different versions of the same game, so either for a different market (Japan, China, Korea, Asia, Europe, USA, ...) or a later update. If people were to give me criteria upon which to generate a specific database, I could probably do it, but what qualifies as Atari Classics? Games by Atari before a certain year? If so: what year? Same for everything else; I need objective criteria upon which to filter the list.
  7. Greetings,

    Anyone else having problems with Hypermarquee after latest win10 update?

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    MAME Database

    I recently started to setup MAME and I grabbed a database from http://retrofe.nl/download/ which removes all of the clone systems, casino, etc. I would really like my main menu wheel to contain atari classics, capcom classics, etc, but these databases are not provided by retrofe. I downloaded the databases from the download section here at Hyperspin but they contain a lot of clones and stuff. What are clones exactly? Homebrews? Does anyone have these systems without all the extra stuff? I have a really great console setup but MAME is wayyyy above my head at the moment. Thank you.
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  18. Sorry Brandon real noob. Even though it's android does it still need editing with hyperhq? This is where I get stuck as most guides are for pc
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  24. Is this the only person reporting this or he there been more incidents with 1903?
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  26. What launcher are you using? Have you set your rom path in the hyperHQ?
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  28. Ive added all the correct ini files and links and paths and still everytime i click on my nintendo ds link on my hyperspin it just goes back to the main menu and wont load the romlist. can anyone begin to think what i am missing. All the files seem in place and paths all look correct. please help.
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