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  1. Hi my friend I sent you on YouTube I asked you can you send me databases pc games and you You certainly told me  sure send me on hyper fe


    1. FernandoCaldas


      Olá modyxxx, eu não coloquei aqui ainda porque não esta pronto, existem detalhes para ser feito no xml como pode ver na imagem.. assim que estiver pronto vou deixar para download ai pra vcs da comunidade -fe,  estou trabalhando muito.


    2. modyxxx


      Eu conheço você bem e aprecio o seu trabalho bem e espero obter algo do seu trabalho maravilhoso significa quando você termina o pacote ps3 Você colocará isso para fazer o download dessa promessa?

  2. Hello

    Can you point me to where the pc games A to Z collection is located? I'm a new platinum member. thanks.

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    2. Rocketman37


      Thanks Dubb, I can never get hypersync to work correctly with my pc games. Do you know if there's a specific naming convention it's looking for?

    3. Dubbloseven


      I don't remember if hypersync is setup for PC games. I will send the database over asap from that video (im not sure off-hand where on the site it is posted), still waiting for PC processes and backing up a backup drive :) ....... On a few other builds and computers I have setup a bunch of PC wheels; and usually just create the database & wheel myself and add what I have. The big PC wheel is a nice reference or visual but not complete or updated. though on a few older builds I have setup hundreds on these games on a wheel and had them running np. Its incredible how many of these old PC games you can fit on a build. 

    4. Rocketman37
  3. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    nice one @KlopjerO seems pretty official and legit to me, thx bud !!! plus one !!!
  4. Dubbloseven

  5. Version 1.0.0


    Just sharing a full Sega Genesis sports games database for those interested. I was a huge fan of all these games growing up, and still play a few of them the odd time. I was checking out @SupraKarma 's awesome Sega Genesis wheel pack; plus there's full genre's in that pack. I used the main sega genesis xml from that pack, and just made a full sports list. Supra pack is just broke down into smaller sections I think, which was great too.
  6. @abodetti did you copy the new updated .exe over the old one. If not try downloading the newer version and overwrite the existing one, if it from the original install. and see if that works.
  7. I love the popularity this game is gaining I wonder if the designer ever figured there would be a group of ppl playing and enjoying this game is 2017, lol. amazing
  8. Version 1.0.0


    SNK Neo Geo AES Pack Includes: Various Main menu and default theme's. The default theme with plug-in cart art. Cartridge art also included in the pack. 2 different sets of box art, Neo Geo Inserts for RocketLauncher or Art folders. Wheel's. Database, main menu wheel png, letters & pointers. Almost everything included except video's. Right click and extract to the specific folder so you don't have to sort thru the pack. Main menu item's & database are in the root folder. Credits go to various HyperSpin Artists & Media creators. I'm just simply sharing the folder I have for convenient download in a pack.
  9. @Mykillvee awesome. thanx !!!
  10. the little owls in the tree look like mighty bomb jack. it was released the same year.
  11. PacMAME Wheel

    PacMAME Wheel View File PacMAME wheel - complete with 34 working pacman games for MAME. Includes - xml Database, wheel png, Main Menu & Default Theme, Game Themes & Wheels. Credits go to various hyperspin media creators and artists. I didn't create any themes/wheels, simply gathered it together and placed it in a separate wheel. Submitter Dubbloseven Submitted 06/13/2017 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  12. LOL, when i had to pick last time, clicked random game in MAME There's hundred's of amazing high score games too, hadn't tried or played this one before hand. Some of the games from previous high score competition games have worked their way into my rotation and still play them a bit. Updated to MAME 186 last week but have been playing a variety of PC games lately in my spare time.
  13. man, nice work Terry. all of your vid's and pinball table's are visually impressive. Looks like a ton of fun and one heck of a sweet cab you have there.