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  1. How to check how many games are on a wheel

    I usually trick the XML to do that. Maybe there is an easier way, but this takes only 5 secs. Open the db in notepad++, search for *game name* and use the button to show all the results in the current document. You will see the results list showing up at the bottom. Select them all and copy paste them into a new notepad++ doc. You can clean the extra info vertically with ALT if want, but no need to. Scroll down to the bottom of the doc and check the line number to know the amount of game entries in the db.
  2. Awesome work guys as always!
  3. How do you prefer your art? Questions

    You mean having the cartridges show in the wheel instead of the logos? If so, you just need to use the cartridges images in the Wheel folder instead of the Artwork one. If that is not what you meant, sorry I did not understand.
  4. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Happy holidays everybody! Loved those shirts, sceneries and dog We are entering the summer, so over 80 degrees here Hope you all have an awesome 2018 start.
  5. The one I saw was a speed run on the first level, grabbing the red green and blue baloons and before entering the cave the player died and restarted the level doing the same thing over and over until the last seconds he passed through and got the extra points for level passing. He reached like 5.700 or so.
  6. I just saw a video of somebody doing a highscore on this, and it did not involve getting further but dying and restarting... Dont know how to feel about that :S
  7. I love Donkey Kong, and did not know about this brewed version. Cool! I dont like water levels in games in general, but in the DK series, just the music alone is worth it.
  8. SPEEDrive Project (JammaRacerCab)

    Thanks Bungles! I love the 80s aesthetics and always wanted to make a MAME theme with the neon corridor as the bg.
  9. SPEEDrive Project (JammaRacerCab)

    This is gorgeous, impressive work @Marcoqwerty, did you create the raw background video loop (the 80s space-moving-mosaic-floor), or got it from elsewhere?
  10. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Grab the beast by its horns! Glad that you will be working on that!
  11. Good luck for the big day!!

  12. Nintendo 3DS Widescreen Essentials (Complete)

    Awesome work as always Aorin!
  13. Getting all game wheels to look the same?

    For Arcade (MAME), you can use the games marquees as wheels.
  14. The Altacade

    Loved it. The fluo hardware looks beautiful!