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LED-wiz alternative ?


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I've been lurking for ages whilst building my arcade can. I'm edging closer to completion whilst at the same time drooling over all these awesome pin cabs.

This is certainly something that I'll be keeping a close eye on as I plan my pin project over the coming months.

Keep up the awesome work.

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Thanks guys, i really appriciate the comments. Keeps me going ;)

Let me know when you are ready to start taking orders Pixel.

What is the current output of each transitor?

Orders ? Did not think of that when i started, but things have changed ;)

I started this project for Chris and myself, but allready i have sold a empty pcb to someone. Don't know how many people would like it and i think it is better to wait a bit until we have more things working well, it's all very in beta phase at the moment.

The max current on 1 output is 16 Amp at the moment, but keep in mind that the pcb is not made to switch all 12 channels at 16 Amps at the same time. I will make a new version for myself with only 3Amp outputs. Mixing it in the same pcb is also an option.

I have some time today if all goes wel and i will try to make some kind of nice example on the events driven from a real table (offcourse it will me MM ;) )

When it works out i will tease you guys some more with video's ;)

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Ok guys, have made some effects in the arduino:


The clicking is me punching in the characters via RS232 for the effects.

Basicly i have made 8 effects, 2 for lighting 1 led for 50ms, 2 for running up the side (left and right), 2 running down left and right, 1 on the top running sideways and 1 on the bottom changing between leds.

And after that did some adding in MM, sending the numbers to arduino on specific events, high loop, enter the moat, hitting troll targets and so on.


So i think i can say i made some progress today :D

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Some progress made, i have 1 of the pcb tuned for 24 volt driving for my new contactors.

To give some idea of the options we could have in the futre connected a few contactors and wired them randomly to the Arduino board and hitting with different timings.

The results:



This one almosts sounds like starting up a real cab !! :)



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Another few steps made:

First i have made a layout on how i want my toys connected and driven from the Arduino. It looks like this at the moment:

Link to a large graphic

As you can see i am planning on 4 groups of 595's that are driven separate. one reason for that is ease of use and driving, the other speed.

I have made a test setup today with 3 groups of 595's, 1 group of 4, 1 group of 2 and a single one.

The writing of data to the 3 groups gets done in about 1600 microseconds (yes, micro) and i think the driving of all 4 groups will be around the 2 miliseconds in the end. I think that will be more then enought to handle all things. There is going to be some more cycles of the Arduino needed to handle the input and selecting the needed ports but i think we will be safe with that.

After that i designed and orderer some pcb's for the 595 multiplexers. There are going to be 4 595 on the pcb that can be driven separate or in line and even can be connected to a next 595 board. 1 board can drive up to 32 outputs to the driver boards.

This is the board:


While i wait on the pcb's to arrive i will try to code the Arduino for further testing and setup 1 table to use all the events i am planning to build.

One thing i would really like, is on startup to fire a pattern of solenoids like when a real table gets started :) And offcourse there need to be some animation with my backbox and the flashers.

So little time, so much fun... :laugh:

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With one limitation, the CNC is connected to a tattoo machine on your chest ! :viking:

At least it was his chest....lol

Got my pcb today from PMI (Pixel Magic Industries), have to say that it is extremely polished and very professionally laid out....great work sir. It's been incredibly easy to populate and solder.

Should be receiving the balance of my overpriced components this week and I can finish the assembly and begin the fun. Maybe if I teach myself code I can even catch up to the rest in this endeavor (although I have a side project to test with it first).

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