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  1. Hello

    Can you point me to where the pc games A to Z collection is located? I'm a new platinum member. thanks.

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    2. Rocketman37


      Hey Dubbloseven, does this include the themes like wheels, etc.? I only see box arts. In your youtube video, it had themes and all.

    3. Dubbloseven


      all the media should be on this site or emumovies. I either gather everything from here or create it for the video and play the next system. some packs are complete and will sync everything with hypersync or easily available in the downloads section. unfortunately some packs you have to piece together but should be available. If its deleted or removed i can try to reupload it. There was a team assembling all that work together or updating for hyperbase (surprisingly things are constantly updated or changed). not sure of the status of that. database and xml's are in the download section/Hyperlist/ or on the ftp under the according system. I have been hanging out doing this quite a while, 1 system at a time slowly but surely as a fun gaming hobby when im not playing them :) and emulating games since the 90s, lol. If you are hard pressed to find stuff msg me and i will post in the downloads section or send it to you. some packs I have uploaded, posted or reshared already, some stuff i make for the video and move on. 

    4. Dubbloseven


      just checked the ftp real quick and see the wheels still there in unsorted submissions, its been a while since i've set a few systems up or revisted them so forget if the media is from hypersync/download section/ or the FTP :D 

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