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  1. Here's your link. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmare-edition
  2. hello i have a question about hyper marquee do you have to use EDS?

    and if i have to use EDS in the tutorial  i saw the part where you change

    an exe. to ledblinky the go to HQ and set path. well I am using led buttons

    and the path is set to ledbinky exe. do i replace it with the eds version

    or for ledblinky all i have to do is enable, which is done anyway

    1. gigapig



      Yes you change the name of the file in the install to LEDBlinky.exe, you then use EDS and have set ups for each thing you want to run, some of which are already set up, you just need to change the path to the exe. You may also need to change the IPC Method, "Pipe CLI" seems to work best.

      I don't use an LEDBlinky I use HyperMaquee for HiToText, Marquees and HyperSpeech.

    2. jxf2487


      To be clear you can not use hypermarquee without eds because the way the pdf reads you can unless its settings up HM then addimd the EDS

  3. All the best with the work TM, I know how hard it is but looks great when your done.
  4. Yes been busy, bought a newer car s sorting that then cleaning it.
  5. Vewlix Cabinet

    Nice cuts bro, you are a machine.
  6. This is the last score I managed before being shafted by a swarm of bloody eggs.
  7. Do you have an Asus router?
  8. I just went into the mame settings (tab) and set the controls for "this machine". Also turned down the analog sensivity for the trackball.
  9. What wacko picked this crazy game? Actually it's pretty good fun, I just got to the mutation level with the time I had.
  10. Yes well done accorsi, you only just beat me. And thank you Lucky1 for putting another great comp together.
  11. You can do it and still 2 hours to go.
  12. Only had time to play this today hence this terrible score of 29610. Couldn't get on with it at all.
  13. You appear to be doing OK thus far