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  1. All amazing scores, well done everyone.
  2. Here's mine before the time runs out.
  3. I'd not heard of Devin before and after watching the above video I'm still in shock. I need to watch it again in the morning.
  4. What am I doing Wrong ??? Cant get Roms to Load

    You really should start your own thread as this one is old and is not relevant to your problem. You should try to find Hyperspin ready ROM sets or use Dons Tools to either rename your Roms or create your oen xml based on the ROMs you have.
  5. Hyperspin is Lagging

    As Demonseed mentioned, do some experimenting with the optimizer in HyperHQ. Also HyperSpin is more snappy when run off an SSD.
  6. Launch Pinball FX2 tables individually?

    Perhaps post screen shots of HyperHQ or the settings ini for that system both with Rocketlauncher and your other method so we can see how you have them set.
  7. Looks really great, thank you for sharing this
  8. Donkey Me

    Donkey Me View File Donkey Me wheel image Submitter gigapig Submitted 09/04/2017 Category Game Wheel Packs HyperBase Version 1.0 Media Dimensions 400x175 File Count 1 Credits Gigapig for finding it.  
  9. Donkey Me

    Version 1.0.0


    Donkey Me wheel image
  10. Donkey Me

    Donkey Me View File Donkey Me theme by Marcoqwerty Submitter gigapig Submitted 09/04/2017 Category Game Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions 1024x768 File Count 1 Credits Marcoqwerty  
  11. I was stuck with a score of about 14000 and could not break it, so had a quick break and came back with 23840. So happy because this was bloody hard.
  12. Big welcome to mekquake who has joined in the challenge.
  13. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    Cheers There is a "Supporter transition" section, god knows why, so it may have been in there. You can have your own section if you so desire.
  14. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    First of I thought you guys had gone bye byes as I could download that transition pack without a problem. On closer inspection it had been hidden for some weird unknown reason and I could still download it. So I've restored it and moved it out of the supporters section to here. Apologies for the cock up. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/13044-hyperspin-transition-pack/
  15. Is there any alternative HS transition animations?

    @Metalzoic did you say you had a link to your pack? I've searched but can't find anything. As for the site, they update it to keep up to date, add new features and give a new look I guess. It's not intended to piss anyone off. With regard to the user sections I'm guessing they were created to give emphasis to the artists. We as staff members normally discuss site changes but in this case that did not happen so I don't know for sure. If anyone has issues with the site please pm one of the staff members and we will look into it.