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  1. Who's running the show..

    Very much agree, unless all parties pop up and give their sides there is no point dwelling on it. It was sometime ago now anyway I'm sure and hope everyone has moved on.
  2. Hypersync has been down for the last day or so, hopefully it won't be down much longer.
  3. size of hard drive req

    First off you probably want to delete that 2tb download as I doubt it would work and you won't get support for it here. Hard drive sizes vary on want ROM sets you want and if you included PS2 then you'll need at least 2 to 3tb just for that. I have my Hyperspin on a 250SSD and ROMs on a 3tb hard but with very few CD/DVD systems.
  4. As per the instructions that are on the download page which men never read. Forgiven as it's New Years Eve.
  5. Try deleting the application.ini from your User Roaming Hypersync folder.
  6. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    He's really lovely My bro in law is in Cincinnati and told it was like -14. Chilly.
  7. Game screen won't fit bezel

    Is the bezel and ini file named the same? Could also be a video setting for the core, I have my aspects ratios set to core provided.
  8. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Nice one Lucky, a white Christmas for you, we got a wet one.
  9. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Oh and another just opened
  10. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Nice one Thatman. Here's one of mine, I also got an Atari red messenger bag as well which is awesome.
  11. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Nice shares gentlemen, love it. I saw a bottle of Gentleman Jack this morning in the supermarket, wish I treated myself now. We are off to the in-laws in Somerset tomorrow morning, we'll be listening to 106.7 Lite FM for New York on the way down via some Internet radio. Then I shall get started on the grandparents alcohol stash when we arrive just before the turkey comes out.
  12. Does anyone have access to MMG's Instruction Cards?

    I was replying and referring in jest to the RocketLaucher media folder on my PC. All instruction cards by mmg1design are on the emu movies ftp at this location. Upload Here/_RocketLauncher Media Submissions/_RocketLauncher Media/Instruction Cards/MAME Myself, @rfancella and @potts43 created some more to go with our old bezel project, it would take some time to sort though them.
  13. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    As Santa is now on his way to our good friends in Australia and New Zealand, I would like to wish all our members a Happy Christmas. Thank you for all you have done, there has been some absolutely stunning artwork produced this year, new ways to theme Hyperspin and updates to the awesome apps we use. Let us know what you are up to for Christmas and I hope you all have a great time. Regards Giga
  14. Does anyone have access to MMG's Instruction Cards?

    Here you go. wwfmania.zip
  15. Does anyone have access to MMG's Instruction Cards?

    I will attach them shortly.