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  1. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    I think (think) the last time we had a running conversation about them was in this thread: IIRC the main changes were deeper black levels as well as more accurate processing. Check out some of the screenshots in that thread.
  2. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    It's also worth noting that HLSL had some pretty terrific enhancements around the 0.174 timeframe, so if you like what you see it might be worth updating to a MAME version + romset newer than that.
  3. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    Check your rocketlauncher settings (global emulator settings for MAME) to make sure you have HLSL set to "ini". Here's a screenshot:
  4. Boot straight into game

    No intro video, either, correct?
  5. Boot straight into game

    This is an interesting idea... how did you get around HyperSpin still loading in the background and playing sounds/music for the main wheel theme it starts on?
  6. Griffin518's Best of MAME - MAME ini files

    Let's make sure you have HLSL enabled for the MAME emulator in your RocketLauncher settings. Set the option to ini.
  7. Hyperspin.exe files gone

    Unless you have admin rights on your work PC, you're either screwed or you'll need to go suck up to IT. Up to you. I will say that you should be able to just download HS again and plug in the missing files by hand. That would be a quick and face-saving option. Never mix work and hobby!
  8. Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    I think you're going to get a range of responses to RetroArch, some like it, some don't... but what you'll almost always hear is that best practice is to use a dedicate MAME install for arcade games, not the older MAME core included in RetroArch. How many systems are you considering? I use MAME for arcades, then RetroArch for the few consoles I care about (it does a great job at presenting a unified experience for these).
  9. Need HELP..

    How are you connecting the JAMMA harness to the PC? If you don't have it connected right now, you'll need something like a J-PAC.
  10. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Thank you so much for the new release!
  11. Lots and lots of bezels are unique, or at least unique to the author
  12. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    I get this question frequently enough that maybe I should just update the description to include it.
  13. Here's the RL doc on bezel images: http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bezel_Media_Quick_Start_Guide Note that we haven't talked about overlays, but I don't think that's material to this conversation.
  14. I'm happy to see a renewed discussion around bezels! I've been too busy to crank out anything lately, but it's good to see some conversation around them. You are correct in that the artwork itself is commonly called a "bezel." This refers to original artwork from cabinets, etc. RocketLauncher is using "bezel" in a different way. Here's how the different RL files work, and how they're layered (in order, 1 being the bottom, 4 being the top): Background - displays in full screen, whether the image fills the screen or not, behind all other elements Backdrop - displays behind the game screen ONLY (as mentioned, I just use MAME backdrops for this to keep things simple) Game display area - the emulator display, itself Bezel - displays in full screen, whether the image fills the screen or not, on top of all other elements - NEEDS A MATCHING INI FILE with coordinates to size the game display area So you see how @Metalzoic is sandwiching the display between the background (he's taken the original bezels, and renamed them to "background") and a realistic "tv monitor frame" (named "bezel" with a matching ini file that has full screen display coordinates). Because resizing takes forever. It's basically recreating the bezels from scratch. Most of the original bezels were created with the intent to be as faithful to the original cabinet images as possible, which means a smaller display area. We all wanted to have the focus on a full sized game area, with a good amount of art to fill in the black bars on the sides of 16x9 monitors. The vast majority of bezels were created with 16x9 format in mind. No. The art just doesn't fit. Even for those that I've created, by hand, to fit as much in as possible, some is still going to be obscured by the game screen.
  15. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    You need to be a supporting member... it's in the platinum download section