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  1. Volume / Mute overlay?

    I don't know if the second bullet is possible, but I use Tur-Another Idle Volume Adjuster and it is a must have for cabs. It does have an overlay. Check the download section.
  2. Cant move wheel for 5 seconds after exiting MAME

    Do you have AV exceptions for HyperSpin?
  3. Aorin our new moderator

    I, for one, welcome our new Brazilian overlord... Congrats!
  4. Please do NOT buy this... pre-configured drives are a nightmare to support and troubleshoot. Really awful for you, the customer. There are many of us here who are more than happy to walk you through an initial setup and answer any questions you might have. It really is best to put a little bit of time into learning the way that HS works so that you truly understand the system and can troubleshoot a majority of your own issues, later.
  5. Just downloaded HS 1.5.1 no HyperHQ?

    Mine was quarentined even though I have an exception in place (yay!), so this is probably what happened.
  6. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    I'm not sure what was going on with your setup... the update was just a drag a drop (replace). The problems you describe sound like you weren't using RocketLauncher before this. If that's the case, you definitely would have needed to go through that migration, which has nothing to do with HyperSpin (other than changing the HL path). Good luck!
  7. I cannot launch games through HyperSpin!

    This is in the RocketLauncher upgrade from HL instructions.
  8. Display controls for games - marquee?

    Could you share your RL user routine? I'd be very interested in playing around with it...
  9. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Worth a shot... I'm sure you're ready to be done with this problem
  10. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Looks like you're dealing with a MAME & ROMset mismatch which might be contributing to the issue... 0.171 and 0.182 were released almost a year apart and somewhere in there I know that hiscore was changed a bit. I'd suggest finding a 0.182 build of Arcade64 (FKA MAMEUIFX) or MAME proper and trying it out to see if that's what's going on. @gigapig FYI - we've been having a similar discussion over here:
  11. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    I think (think) the last time we had a running conversation about them was in this thread: IIRC the main changes were deeper black levels as well as more accurate processing. Check out some of the screenshots in that thread.
  12. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    It's also worth noting that HLSL had some pretty terrific enhancements around the 0.174 timeframe, so if you like what you see it might be worth updating to a MAME version + romset newer than that.
  13. Old CRT look in Hyperspin

    Check your rocketlauncher settings (global emulator settings for MAME) to make sure you have HLSL set to "ini". Here's a screenshot:
  14. Boot straight into game

    No intro video, either, correct?
  15. Boot straight into game

    This is an interesting idea... how did you get around HyperSpin still loading in the background and playing sounds/music for the main wheel theme it starts on?